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Any problems with balck people and/or mixed couples

Travel Forums Africa and The Middle East Any problems with balck people and/or mixed couples

1. Posted by philpot (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y


Myself, my boyfriend and my 2 brothers have just booked our round the world trip to commence February 2008. Myself and my brothers are all white and my boyfriend is Black - of carribean origin. We were wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and has had any problems at all or knows of anyone else who has - or could give us any tips or advice. South Africa is our first stop and our main worry - with him being black but also because we are a mixed couple which some may frown upon.

Please advise - any comments are helpful! Thanks


2. Posted by philpot (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

I meant black, not balck.

3. Posted by Strider (Budding Member 34 posts) 9y

Hi Philippa,

I think you worries are unfounded. South Africa is a democratic open and accepting sociey, were relationships between black, white, coloured, indian, gay or straight are accepted by all. Obviously there are some circles or certian types who are not accepting of mixed relationships but this is not a South African phenomenon but takes place in countires all around the world. You shouldn't worry about it, I can guarantee that you wont experience any problems!

I hope you have an awesome trip!!!

All the best

4. Posted by soupatrvlr (Respected Member 385 posts) 9y

Ian is right, that most south africans are open to mixed race relationships, but still don't be surprised if you get looks. Also, for some reason, you might find that people will be more accepting of your black boyfriend since he is NOT from Africa. In my experience it just works that way there, don't ask me why. South Africans socialize across races, but there is still an underlying hint of racism, although they wouldn't call it that. I think westerners are also a little more sensitive to racism than South Africans are at any rate since our worlds are a little too wrapped up with things being least its like that here in the states. You'll be fine. You might even find that he's more accepted by whites than blacks. Have a great time!