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CHEAP hostels in London?

Travel Forums Europe CHEAP hostels in London?

1. Posted by lukep (Full Member, 65 posts) 15 Nov '07 05:19

Hi there,

Going to London on the 30th,1st and 2nd of Nov/Dec this year, I am wanting a cheap/free place to stay for these nights :) If anyone has any suggestions I would be greatly appreciative!

Luke :)

2. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru, 5073 posts) 15 Nov '07 07:06

Luke - check the TP budget hostel website.

3. Posted by sapphyre (Respected Member, 418 posts) 15 Nov '07 21:39

Piccadilly's Backpackers is quite cheap and central but I didn't like it when I stayed there. Beds weren't too stable and no lockers in the rooms and communal showers with only a sheet of plastic as a 'door' and you hang your stuff outside. At least I didn't like the last bit as a girl but we survived.

4. Posted by vxmike (Budding Member, 64 posts) 16 Nov '07 01:56

I recently stayed at St Christophers (the Hammersmith) one and I was satisfied. It was very cheap and the facility was acceptable to me.

5. Posted by skyef (Full Member, 105 posts) 16 Nov '07 12:52

Hi lukep,

Honestly speaking, if you want somewhere cheap, what you most likely get be a poorly condition accommodation. Had that before, paid £6.50 per night (weekdays) and £9.50 (weekends) per night and it was unimaginable. It was ............... , ............. ,................ and my body was always itchy during the week i was there with them (not that i didn't shower). But then again, it was cheap. After that, i kind of made a vow to *treat myself better*. I think the range between £14-£18 per person (in shared dorms) is reasonable in London and will give you a decent one . On weekends will cost bit more.

6. Posted by thevital (Budding Member, 5 posts) 17 Nov '07 05:05

if you get in early, you can book super cheap rooms at
we got rooms in london for 16 pounds each, private with bathroom and tea/coffee making facilities... well worth looking into.