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Links of online English teaching companies (and how they're

Travel Forums Europe Links of online English teaching companies (and how they're

1. Posted by sandy456 (Full Member 213 posts) 9y

Links of online English teaching companies (and how they're paid through Paypal)

Does anyone here have any good links of Online English teaching schools?

Usually these companies are small, and operated by a few people. There is a pool of teachers (their physical location is not important as everything is virtual), and students communicate via webcam, and teachers are paid using a combination of skype/paypal.

TalktoCanada dot com is an example.

I am looking to supplement my English teaching income in my spare time. I have all the equipment. All I need is the contact email addresses of these schools (the more, the better). Once I have a bunch, I can start contacting them with my CV, and fill up my schedule with online classes.

I believe the going rate is 30cents/min, but I could be wrong. Also, there's paypal fees to consider (depending on currency conversion, and what country your bank account is listed under). Using skype implies a fee as well, though the schools seem keen on paying teachers with credit card through skype.

Anyways, if you have links or have worked with these kinds of companies, and would like to help me, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

Hmm, are you really doing all these things you say or are you using these posts that you post on all the popular travel forums online to gather information which you are then selling/re-distributing or something? All your posts seem to be of the style "give me a list for this or that", rather than the kind of post we normally see from travellers who are really travelling this much. Very little actually helping out others as well. They also focus on specific cities/subjects for a while, perhaps while you are writing about that topic?

3. Posted by sandy456 (Full Member 213 posts) 9y

I'm not selling or distributing anything. My posts are sincere, and frankly I don't see how I could sell any of the information I gather on this or any other forum.

And I am by no means a "normal" traveler. I am a world traveler who needs all the tips, and information he can get.

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

Of course I, and the people that have PM'd me noticing the same thing, might all be wrong. It's just something about the style of posting that seems off. But hey, happy to be proven wrong...