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ATMs in Vietnam and Laos

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1. Posted by Emmett70 (Travel Guru, 534 posts) 2 Dec '07 14:11

I'm off to Vietnam in February and I might possibly be going to Laos on the way, so I was just wondring how easy it is to find ATMs? I've got a Cirrus cashcard.

2. Posted by Emmett70 (Travel Guru, 534 posts) 5 Dec '07 00:38

Does no-one know the situation regarding ATMs in Laos and Northern Vietnam?

3. Posted by bex76 (Moderator, 3600 posts) 5 Dec '07 02:44

In Hanoi there are plenty and I think this is the case throughout Northern Vietnam. In Laos the only ATM is in Vientiane (at least this was the case when I was there last year). You can change cash and traveller's cheques in other towns though.

4. Posted by Dr_G66 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 10 Dec '07 14:19

I was in Laos in June and there were quite a few ATM's in Vientiene and there is one in Viang Vang next to the ooh La La bar

5. Posted by prendy98 (Full Member, 80 posts) 11 Dec '07 04:25

Dont worry about ATMs in Vietnam an Laos - Vietnam has loads of ATMs in the cities an towns and Laos has ATMs in Laung Prabang - Vang Vieng - Vientiane - both Cirrus an Visa are accepted - I was there cpl months ago so wont be a problem - enjoy the trip mate

6. Posted by Mark3287 (Budding Member, 8 posts) 13 Dec '07 13:45

Yes would agree with prendy98 have visited Vietnam 3 times this year and travelled all over and I never had a problem finding an ATM that worked with my cirrus card. Have a nice trip I am sure you will

7. Posted by Emmett70 (Travel Guru, 534 posts) 14 Dec '07 02:05

Cheers, I'm on Cirrus as well so that's really reassuring, especially for Laos.

8. Posted by Budai (Respected Member, 506 posts) 14 Dec '07 03:49

heya. in Laos now. i found atms in vientiane, luang prabang, viang vieng and luang namtha. but from my experience. the BCEL ones only take mastercard, maestro and cirrus (and i think JCB), so i wasnt able to get cash form my visa card. u cant ry getting cash advances on your card in the major cities though - ie vientiane, luang prabang and maybe pakse.

9. Posted by Seany (Respected Member, 267 posts) 14 Dec '07 06:02

Everywhere in Vietnam!

10. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5459 posts) 14 Dec '07 06:16

Interesting info. Have added to the Laos and Vietnam guides for future reference.