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anyone in sydney march'08 ?

Travel Forums Travel Companions anyone in sydney march'08 ?

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1. Posted by marcusshaw (Budding Member 27 posts) 9y

hey guys and gals,

flying in to sydney march 20th to start my working holiday (get in!) anyone else there about that time??

2. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 9y

Guilty!! (starsky & hutch style)

will have been in Sydney for just over a month by this time - obviously havent a clue what situation i'll be in as i havent got there yet - tho what i do know is that i plan to head down to Melbourne for the easter weekend for the ASP Pro @ Bells Beach (Surfing Event) ... and well while im down there i may aswell do the Neighbours tour

you heading over to travel/work .. or just passing through?

3. Posted by marcusshaw (Budding Member 27 posts) 9y

gonna be doing some traveling first for sure until i run out of bins (cash), wanna do the oz experience tour up the east coast before i even think about employment again!

what about you? travel/work?

4. Posted by makka (Respected Member 248 posts) 9y

yeah bro - Oz is the 'main' part of my RTW trip - very keen to see as much of the East coast as possible surfing on as many beaches as possible - text book beaches and hopefully some local gems ... all in good time

no doubt i shall have to work @ some point - i have my visa all set up allready, i plan to be in Australia for about 8 months, have considered this 'Oz Intro' but not 100% sure yet .... with reagrds to the working side of things, i really wouldnt mind doing whats needed to qualify myself for my 2nd year visa - after australia i hit Thailand, Malaysia & India but i sure as hell would love to head back to Australia to work rather than home! (England) ... keeping my options open - spontanious living - best way!!

5. Posted by Moley05 (Budding Member 21 posts) 9y

I am there similar time. will have been there a couple of week by then. I am planning travelling up the east coast till my cash starts to run out then doing some work... Cant wait. get some sunshine, instead of all this rain!!!!!

6. Posted by lin_madd88 (Budding Member 3 posts) 9y gonna be in oz 7th of Feb onwards...not really sure what im doing so would be good to know some people when i get there. Iv got a working visa...probs gonna spend bout 8 months in australia, then new zeland, fiji and america on the way home. whats everyone elses plans? x

7. Posted by marcusshaw (Budding Member 27 posts) 9y

im heading to thailand and malaysia for 6 weeks then down to sydney on 20th march... never traveled before so it should be interresting!!

anyone know of a good hostel in sydney??

8. Posted by vsb123 (Budding Member 16 posts) 9y

Can i just ask you guys how much money you are planning on bringing with you?

I am trying to figure out whether i can afford to do something like this or not. I would like to see some of SE Asia and Pacific (India, Thailand, Bali etc) and then stay in Oz for the majority of my time away. Would like to be away for about a year. I figure i can save about £4000 in 10 months if i restructure some loans (ignore some others) and live like a nun. This would include flights, visas and everything else. Some people are telling me this is enough while some are telling me its nowhere near. Also some are telling me its easy to find work in Oz while others are saying its not. Dont know who to believe anymore. Whats your guys opinions?

9. Posted by Marky1983 (Inactive 19 posts) 9y

Think I'll be in Sydney around March landing in Melbourne 17th Feb then working our way up to Cairns over 2.5 months... was originally flying to Darwin and going down the East coast from there but heard at this time it is much better to work up the east coast!

10. Posted by Cool Paul (Travel Guru 611 posts) 9y

yo, wait for me. I'll be there april 1st.