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Does nobody go to Lisbon?

Travel Forums Europe Does nobody go to Lisbon?

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1. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y

I'm amazed. I've been using this site for quite some time now and everywhere I go people have been fantastic and willing guides helping me plan... but Lisbon seems to be a different kettle of fish. When I return I will gladly post my thoughts on the city and things to do there but once more I'll venture the question... What do people recommend I should do there (considering I'm a musician and a writer). I'm travelling on January 24th, will stay 6 days, and love live music and the arts.
I'll manage I know, but if there are any kind Lisboans(sorry if that's wrong) out there who want to offer advice I would be very happy.
I 45, from Ireland, like beer, music and the arts and football of course..... feel free to sugest anything.

Thanks folks and happy New Year.

Zak Same

2. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1384 posts) 9y

It's on my list, and I am sure I will go there sometime in the next few years, so I am looking forward to read your get back report, as I have heared a lot of good things about this city. (I have a friend in Madrid, who's sister has lived in Lisbon for some years)

3. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 9y

Aren't there any good guidebooks for that? I mean, it is so on the beaten track everyone can find the right information for Lisbon or any other city in Europe. It is much different for off the beaten track places like across the Sahara, up north in Canada or by sailing ship to Antarctica to name a few.
I have been there and sorted things out myself, it's pretty straightforward and no need to arrange everything before you leave and have detailed itinerary for every single day.
Have fun though and let yourself go!

4. Posted by Fontelonga (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y

thats easy.
In Lisbon go to Bairro Alto during the night to drink and during the day because its one of the two neighbourhoods that shown the true feeling of being portuguese, the other one is Alfama.
They are very old but very cool to see.
And there you can watch true Fado displays in some authentic little places.
i hope you enjoy.

5. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y

Thanks for your help guys.....
Just a note for Utrecht, It's fine using guide books but I was really looking for some local insight. If I'm ever usure of what do in the Wilderness I'll give you a call.... Oh by the way, I've done those things too!!!!!

Thanks for posting.


6. Posted by adaziv (Inactive 30 posts) 9y

First thing I'd do is walk up the hill to the Castelo de Sao Jorge and look down. Some of the side streets on the walks up there are fantastic and the views are just amazing. From the castle you realise the strong connection between Portugal and Brasil. The whole city is turned towards the sea almost as if it were looking over the sea. On the big promenade in the castle there are benches and on one of those there is a verse about Lisbon. Can't remember how it goes but it was really beautiful. After that wonder down towards the sea.

Bairo Alto is really very nice and I would recommend it as well. I can also recommend a trip to Costa da Caparica.

7. Posted by Uncle_J (Full Member 73 posts) 9y

FYI. The NY Times recently published a list of the 53 Places to Go in 2008 and Lisboa (Lisbon) was on the list. It got my attention and I hope to make it to Lisboa this year.


8. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 9y

Lisbon is actually one of the places I'm looking forward to the most on my upcoming 5 month Euro/N Africa trip. Everything I've heard and researched about it just makes it stick out in my mind. Be prepared to be out till 4 AM though! I've only ever seen a topic mentioning Lisbon on this site MAYBE a few times which is kind of surprising.

9. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 9y

Quoting Uncle_J

FYI. The NY Times recently published a list of the 53 Places to Go in 2008 and Lisboa (Lisbon) was on the list. It got my attention and I hope to make it to Lisboa this year.


There was another topic about these 53 places yes. Actually, being on a list made by the NY Times means I don't want to go there
Although Lisbon is very nice indeed! Top 10 cities/capitals in Europe and underrated. Frankly I don't understand why people would rather visit places like Barcelona, London or Paris

10. Posted by zaksame (Respected Member 571 posts) 9y

Thanks everyone for your help. I´ll make sure to post a comprehensive update on the city when I get back. I´m really looking forward my visit.
Once again thanks to everyone for your input.