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1. Posted by macdaddy (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y

This thread is marked as being about Thailand


I'm heading off travelling around south east asia on my lonesome from september, and should be in thailand for the Full Moon party on 28th September.

Does anyone have any advice on whether I should try to book accommodation before I get there or just turn up on ko phan nang a day or two early and sort myself out then?

Thanks for your help

2. Posted by Jeni (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Good question!...any answers to this one would really help me out too guys as I'm at the FMP on 28th Sept


3. Posted by macdaddy (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y

First dibs on any nice bungalow


4. Posted by wesoz2004 (Inactive 6 posts) 12y

Hey there, I'll be at the FMP Sept 28th as well. I've heard to get there 5-6 days in advance to get a good place or even just a place period. This might sound early but I've had friends get there this early and they said the week leading up to the party was such a blast that it was better then the FMP.


5. Posted by auddssey (Full Member 60 posts) 12y

My friend tried to book accommodation in Ko Samui from 20 Aug onwards is fully booked. ALL FULLY BOOKED! From the cheapest accommodation to the suites!!!

So, just in case, book your accommodation asap. Check them on the internet.


6. Posted by hayanna (Full Member 46 posts) 12y

yah..better act promptly and book your accomodation ..
unless you don't mind sleeping on the beach.

From August till November is a peak season in Koh Samui especially during fullmoon party..August is SUPERB HIGH PEAK season..
Since u r travelling on 28th of Sept..still got a month to go..but better book your accomodation earlier to avoid any disappointments or to be ripped off over there when they do know that you're desperated to look for an accomodation.

have a nice trip..

it's a really super duper great place..

7. Posted by macdaddy (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y

Thanks for you replies, one other question I'm not sure whether to stay on Koh Phangan, should be easy to get to the party, and home hopefully, or Koh Samui and get the ferry across. Is it easy to get back to Koh Samui in the early hours? If anyone has any suggestions for beach bungalows or nice places to stay near the party that would fantastic.

All the best

8. Posted by hayanna (Full Member 46 posts) 12y

Usually partygoers who visit Koh Phangan for full moon party travel from Koh Samui for over night trip but not many get a room n stay there.. Usually ferry leaves Koh Samui to Koh Phangan as early as 8pm but usually 9 to 11pm the latest... and its ferry will be retured the next morning at 6:00am... so within that hour, u gotta stuck in Koh Phangan about 8 hours, partying like there's no tomorrow.

If you think you can't cope with its long hour of partying.. u gotta pay a bit of Baht100 more than usual ferry services fare..then there's one that leaves at 11:00pm and returns at 3:00am..Usual ferry service to Koh Phangan is about Bhat350..(just went there this May..dun think its fare has increased that dramatically )

I guess it's not worthy of renting a room in Koh Phangan and spend one night over there.. cuz at night, u'll be partying with other people till wee hours.. n most of them will be back to Koh i'm sure u dun wanna left out alone at Koh Phangan..

If you still decide to stay at Koh Phangan, nothing better than internet gives u more accurate info n price.. moreover, u can get special discounted price.. sometimes u could get even cheaper rate than trhough travel agent.

happy full moon party trip!!

9. Posted by peeps (Full Member 114 posts) 12y

when is the full moon in oct? im going to be there between the 7th and the 27th.

10. Posted by macdaddy (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y

thanks for the replies, peeps, looks like yuo'll miss it by two days! i think it is on the 29th october!