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11. Posted by blackmagic (Budding Member 8 posts) 9y

in mumbai i would recommend you stay in colaba area. you will come across few cheap hostels, like bentleys, sea gate, ywca n all which would cost anything from 600 INR, the cheapest.
flying down south to kerala, if you are looking at staying in a beach house off the beat, i recommend Kuzhupilly Beach House, just 40 min away from cochin sitting on the roof top you are tucked with the palm trees with arabian sea in front and the backwaters behind! the beach is clean and safe for a swim.
i didnt see you mention Munnar in your last trip, its worth a visit to the tea gardens if you haven't.
good luck n best wishes

12. Posted by sradwxi (Budding Member 82 posts) 9y

aah yes munnar, while i was there i was told about the side of the hill being in bloom which is a very rare occasion
i didnt get chance to go there, so thats on my list as well, even tho i know i wont see the blooms on the hill id still like to go there
thank you for the advice on the hostels, ill keep them on my list for when i land
thanx carl

13. Posted by hobo1985 (Inactive 52 posts) 9y

try myairindia for your flight, i got a pretty good deal. I dont understand why you cant find a hostel tho...there loads, if you need any suggestions just give me a shout!

14. Posted by sradwxi (Budding Member 82 posts) 9y

nice one ill check myairindia
i havent found a hostel coz i didnt know where to look
was just seeing if anyone had any recommendations
so youve sorted your tickets then?

15. Posted by hobo1985 (Inactive 52 posts) 9y

i have basically sorted everything down to goa, my ex-supervisor is working there at the mo so i will be calling upon her for more info once i arrive.

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