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Visa First - bad service

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21. Posted by vfsydney (Budding Member 7 posts) 9y

You're 100% right. Bilsy if you can phone our Sydney office in the morning and just give us the date you made your payment we can take a look at it.

Payments are deducted in Europe and would always be within cents (either side) of the said amount as we would not use seperate merchant accounts for every country that we organise visas in. This wouldnt be abnormal.

Points noted though. We will certainly include a note going forward explaining that if you pay by credit card, payments are deducted in Europe in Euro and hence may be liable to approx 2% fee.

Thanks Folks

22. Posted by vfsydney (Budding Member 7 posts) 9y

Hi Bilsy,

Thanks for sending that through and bringing that to our attention. It does appear that your ccard company charged you an extra fee for processing.

This is the first time I have seen this.

Our forms will be amended from this evening to let customers know that 'Where you choose credit card as a payment method, payments are deducted from a European merchant bank so an additional 3-4% will be added to the charge.

Despite the fact that this was taken by your ccard company and not ourselves we will of course honour the payment and will send you out a postal order today.

23. Posted by bilsy (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

Thank you Visa First, I appreciate your understanding.
Almost all credit card company's will charge extra for an international transactions. I personally have access to two credit cards, one of which does not charge for international transactions. If I had known that Visa First were charging Euros, I would have used that one.

thanks again.

24. Posted by vfsydney (Budding Member 7 posts) 9y

Hi Bilsy
Yeah we havent come across this before.
Either way thanks for bringing it to our attention.

We will be setup with westpac in Australia in 2 weeks and will have this covered then.

Take care

P.S If you had friends that were looking to get through to us over Christmas it would have ben difficult with the biometric changes that came into play and the consequent backlog.

If they need to get through now they should have no problem at all.

25. Posted by bilsy (Budding Member 11 posts) 9y

Hi VF, I'm afraid you've missed the boat on that one.

I have advised 3 of my friends to use First Contact or Overseas Working Holidays instead of VF.

maybe next time.

26. Posted by vfsydney (Budding Member 7 posts) 9y

Hi Bilsy
Obviously any customer not referring customers to our service is a great disappointment.

We organise 30,000 visas worldwide and have done for over 6 years.

The only time I can honestly say our service slipped was at christmas time when uk immigration changes took place with little warning.

Our systems are now back to full speed and this will not be allowed to happen again. Our prices are lower and our capacity to process is significantly larger than 1st contact and we this has been our core service for 6 years now. We missed this boat but will not miss it again

Thanks for your feedback. Its always good to get a kick when you deserve it:)