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Adding an entry into the past

Travel Forums System Talk Adding an entry into the past

1. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 9y

Hi Folks,

Sorry been out of good internet for a while. I hope to do some updating in the coming weeks and months.

One big question that can to my mind

I would like to add a few entries after previous entries. As in I have already published an entry but I would like to add one before that. Here's an example that might make it clearer:
1-12-07 entry
30-11-07 entry
25-11-07 no entry but I would like to insert one here
20-11-07 entry
15-11-07 entry

Could someone tell me how to do this



2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

Hi Dave!

No problem. There's essentially two boxes when you're typing an entry that influence this. The first is the "Posting Time", which is automatically filled in with the current time/date. Changing this to an earlier date will make sure your post is placed where it should be within the order of the other blog entries (ie. if you visit your blog, it's basically sorted by this date). The other is the 'Describes Travel From' field. Change this to match the dates that you're writing about and that will update the bit of text at the top of the entry that shows what period of travel you're writing about - and if you have a travel map it will also automatically link it with the right period on the map.

The only thing that won't update to the same order is your XML feed, but that's actually correct behaviour since readers that are subscribed to your XML feed would otherwise miss the entry.... hope that makes sense (for most it's not something to worry about)


3. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 9y

Hi Sam,

Thanks for that reply, and good help.

I have tried both methods just now. From the main view page I see that its moved on to its own category in the date posting time that I changed, which is great.

I guess it's not possible to move the entry on my control panel listing then? or is it?

BTW well done on you guys help, its always good and fast!


4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 9y

Quoting outcast

I guess it's not possible to move the entry on my control panel listing then? or is it?

Uhm, no. I realized this when trying it out myself earlier on :) I do think it's actually right to do it this way, since you might in the future look back and go, ah yes, I posted that AFTER I posted those other entries. It's not public, so more for record keeping purposes I guess. It might also help explain why an 'older' entry has less page views down the line I guess. I'm not 100% sure if this was intended like this, but it seems to be the right thing to do to me

5. Posted by jl98584 (Travel Guru 114 posts) 9y

I have a similar problem where I sometimes fall behind on my blog either due to poor internet connections, laziness, or both. My solution is very low tech, but seems to work...

As soon as or if I have any kind of internet signal at all, I go ahead and create a blog entry for the next date so that it will fall in the correct order - but call it a (Placeholder). Then later I go back and edit it to add photo's, write the whole entry the way I want it, or whatever. The readers are notified that the entry has been updated when the title changes.

For example, my titles may look like this (totally made up):

Day 111- Tybee Island Lighthouse (Placeholder)

then changes to:

Day 111- Tybee Island Lighthouse (Photo's Added)

I don't like doing things this way since it's easier on me if I can keep the blog current - but some of my relatives have said they prefer this as they don't always have time to read my verbose entries anyway and they like the short, quick "We are Here" placeholders until they have time to go back and read the whole thing. So anyway, it works for us.