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1. Posted by ella13 (Full Member 64 posts) 9y

hi ---
does anybody know anywhere good for camping near-ish to perth where we can go for just a couple of nights??

we would really like to camp near water and not in a big camping ground... we are the more isolated camping types!
thanks x

2. Posted by kevandshan (Full Member 142 posts) 9y

There are plenty of spots in and around Perth.
Perhaps the best that I can think of is Collie (2hrs south). You can camp almost anywhere, right on the waters edge and it is beautiful. It is isolated and you can take one of many tracks down to the waters edge. To get there head toward Collie, then turnoff and head to Wellington Dam. I think that this is the best spot for what you are looking for. Sure, there are plenty of others...but for isolation (no people) , scenery, distance....Wellington Dam has it all. Obviously on weekends there will be others there...but the place is can find your own spot no problems.:)

3. Posted by ella13 (Full Member 64 posts) 9y

thanks... just looked at photos and it looks really pretty. exactly what i was looking for!