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Thunder & Lightning !!!

Travel Forums General Talk Thunder & Lightning !!!

1. Posted by nykky (Full Member, 76 posts) 23 Aug '04 07:30

nykky has indicated that this thread is about Thailand

OK now some of you may live round my area or surrounding areas, have you heard thunder & lightning today? My god it's scary & rumor has it that someone's car has been zapped!

Anyway getting to the point - my boss said to me that in Thailand there could possibly be lots of stormy weather - in quite a negative manner.

My reply to this was, I'd rather experience thunder in Thailand than in dreary Northampton.
I dont think he meant it in a bad way but I had to chuckle (inside), I mean, I'd probably love a little thunder when travelling, I love thunder, I find it quite exciting...I may even send him a picture of me sitting on the beach in Koh Samui saying "No thunder n lightning here luv" . . . ;)

2. Posted by Nicke (Budding Member, 14 posts) 23 Aug '04 13:02

In Phuket we have lot of lightnings some periods but no thunder, it is not often we hear any thunder but lightnings may be common during some periods of the year. I think it is just beautiful and nothing to worry about.

I never heard of any problems regarding this.