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1. Posted by StaceyG (Inactive 250 posts) 9y


V excited, as off travelling again soon..!! I've got a working holiday visa for Canada through BUNAC - but it seems one of the stipulations is that you need to book a return flight to the UK. However, Im not looking to return to the UK as I want to carry on travelling after Canada, prob S. America and on to NZ..but really I'm just kind of playing it by ear..and decide as I go.. Can you go ahead and just book a one way flight instead and then I can organise further flights when I'm in Canada - do they really check?? I really don't want to have to tie myself down to dates and stuff or lose out money on a ticket im not going to use!

Any advice appreciated.
Stace X

2. Posted by leong1 (Full Member 89 posts) 8y

When i flew into canada they did ask and were happy that i had a return ticket in the US as well as a train ticket into the US. I have to admit that they didn't ask to see the proof.

I did find crossing the border's into canada worse then the US in general.

Hope that helps alittle

3. Posted by Tidyfairy (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y

Hi Stacey!

Thats so cool, I have the same visa for Canada through Bunac aswell, when are you heading over?
I will be over at Easter and have the same plans as you to keep travelling! I had to book a dunmmy return anyway but have made sure it can be amended at the time so I can move on to another country if I dont want to return to the UK. They stated you have to have a return or onward flight as part of the visa but as long as you book a flight that can be changed or refunded, its all good!

So where are you planning on heading to in Canada? Are you excited? Will you be travelling on a group flight? I have decided against that as was so much more expensive. I cant wait x x x x x

4. Posted by vickim (Full Member 125 posts) 8y

I really don't know because I am from here and never have that problem. I think they are more concerned that you have the means to leave and won't end up taking refuge because you can't aford to leave. Why don't you book a full fare coach or train ticket to somewhere in the U.S. such as Toronto to Buffalo, for example. If it's full fare you can change it later and you have proof that you are able to leave.

5. Posted by StaceyG (Inactive 250 posts) 8y

Managed to sort it - checked and as long as I have outward flight from N.America it's okay, so I can book flight from Canada with stop-offs right round to Auckland - and NZ don't need to see a return ticket as long as you can prove you've got the funds to buy a ticket later on so thats cool - phew! Not doing the group flight thing or any of that stuff, like you say its cheaper to do it yourself. Where are you planning to head too after Canada TidyFairy?

6. Posted by Tidyfairy (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y

Anywhere apart from home lol! Not quite sure, so many possibilties, its exciting!

I would to see Australia and New Zealand , will need to work in Canada to fund the onward trip but will be defo be worth it! How long have you been in oz for?

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8. Posted by Karlee (Budding Member 35 posts) 8y

Hey guys I am also heading to Canada in May hoping to work for a while also. When are you guys heading over?

9. Posted by StaceyG (Inactive 250 posts) 8y

leaving in May too - where u heading first?

10. Posted by Tidyfairy (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y

Im heading over at the end of March, where are you thinking of going to?

I will be starting in Toronto... so cool!