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1. Posted by SuperBrat (Full Member, 107 posts) 5 Feb '08 08:46

I've been reading up a bit about Beijing and it sounds like a mad house of pure pulsing adrenalin. Has anyone experienced working there?
What's it like especially if you cant speak the language or read Chinese?

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2. Posted by Lavafalls (Travel Guru, 155 posts) 5 Feb '08 16:55

If your looking to teach English you will have no problems finding a job. Beijing is a fun town but it is a very large sprawl with no real urban center. If your looking for a job other then teaching English it depends on what kind of experience you have.


3. Posted by SuperBrat (Full Member, 107 posts) 6 Feb '08 04:30

It wont be teaching English - its a corporate job offer that Im considering, and I have had some mixed messages from friends who have done the same.
Just wanted an unbiased opinion from someone on this forum...

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