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were is the best place in oz for seasonal work right now?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific were is the best place in oz for seasonal work right now?

1. Posted by tonys80 (Budding Member, 2 posts) 9 Feb '08 06:42

hi i was wondering were the best place in oz is right now for seasonal work, i am looking for 3 months work ,basically were i can get my head down and save up. i would prefer to do housekeeping, general assistant, bar and waiting , somewere were accomadation is provided . anyone any ideas? it would be greatly appreciated thanxs

2. Posted by cleanboy (Budding Member, 52 posts) 13 Feb '08 11:06

surely uve heard of the harvest trail?

as bad as everybody makes it out to be i highly reccomend doing some farwork. bsaically just find a good hostel that provides work and your sorted...sometimes you might have to wait a while to get work (the most i waited at one hostel was about a week?) but ive checked into others and gotten work literally the next day. and also i think that youll meet great people in the working hostels and spend more time with them coz everybod is there to work/save up so they stay for a little while and you get to know them as apposed to living in a city or something where people are constantly comin and goin...

i highly recommend checkin it out!