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26 Hours away! Do we really save with RTW tickets? Panic!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel 26 Hours away! Do we really save with RTW tickets? Panic!

1. Posted by Paulaboo (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

Question: Is it significantly cheaper to get tickets in advance through the RTW packages? Our timelines are super flexible.

By significant, do we save 2 or more thousand US dollars? Or is it a difference of a few hundred?

Our flight leaves from NYC to Buenos Aires on 5:00am Monday. We only have a ticket into Argentina, and one coming back from Ecuador. (The return ticket from Ecuador was b/c we were initially planning on coming back to NYC after South America)

2 Months in South America > Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia?, Brazil
2 Month in Africa > Mostly just South Africa, Vic Falls, Mauritius
2 Month in Northern Africa/ME > Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, UAE
2 Months or less in Europe (We can skimp there, b/c we feel like we can always go to Europe from NYC)

We don't want to commit to any real timelines in any country, but I'm concerned if it really is a significant cost savings to pre-book more of our trip. If it is, I'd rather start the legwork now.

Freaking out.

As to why I'm posting this now... My husband is more of the, "let's wing it" type of spirit. I initially bought into that, but now my need to plan is taking over.

  • panic*

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2. Posted by jhetland (Budding Member 43 posts) 9y

I priced the same, the RTW ticket was more expensive up front, but allowed for a lot more flexibility than normal tickets here and there.

Also a lot cheaper when you set the itinary out, than trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel lookign for new tickets to wherever you are going.

Id say RTW ticket is the way to go.


3. Posted by Paulaboo (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y

Thanks for that. I'm just very nervous. 5 hours from the flight, and all of a sudden the depth of what we're doing is sinking in.

- Quit my job when a recession in the US is looming
- Spending 7 months with my husband with NO friends/family... with the exception of sporadic emails (We got married this past November)
- Not planning!

I think I'll be okay.