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Visa:US citizen In Argentina for 4.5 months

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Visa:US citizen In Argentina for 4.5 months

1. Posted by evadiva (Budding Member 30 posts) 8y

Ok, so, I'm going to be in Argentina August to December this year. All I see online is that it's free to visit for up to 90 days. Someone said in one of the threads that they don't check for return tickets upon entry, so should I go ahead and buy the 2 way ticket with my intended dates....or should i be safe and buy it for a return 90 days later and exchange that one later....are there any fees I am looking at (besides that of exchanging the ticket)? What is the cheapest/best/safest way to go about this? Any information would be helpful!:)

  • ~*eva*~*
2. Posted by Fast (Budding Member 37 posts) 8y

Contact the Argentine Consulate nearest you and ask them. You should be able to spend up to 180 days there in a year but its' better to ask them directly to make sure.

3. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 8y

they don't check the return ticket on arrival but depending on the mood they do sometimes check the leave date, when we were in argentina we met many americans who extended the visa while we there so they could stay for an additional three months, they're experiences ranged from being free to paying $50usd.....the best bet would be too contact your local consulate as Fast recommends if you don't like taking risks

4. Posted by TylerJames (Respected Member 333 posts) 8y

50 pesos not us dollars. That's anything more than 90 days

5. Posted by evadiva (Budding Member 30 posts) 8y

not that i dont like taking risks, im just working on a low budget, unexpected fees at airports kinda suck, but i was all worried it would cost more like 100usd or something...but i can work w/ 50 pesos!

6. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 8y

You can extend your stay once with another 90 days. Beyond that it should be noted that, theoretically, consequences of overstaying your tourist visa can be a lot worse than a mere AR$50 fine.

Even though the system doesn't work that well and chances are low that you actually get caught, I wouldn't overstay my welcome. It could make future attempts to ever get in again very difficult.

7. Posted by JungleJano (Budding Member 54 posts) 8y

Maybe I'm wrong about this, but I think you might be able to leave the country and come back. So just take a day or weekend trip (by bus) over to another country and when you re-enter Argentina your 90 days should start over again. If they check your plane ticket when you enter the country the first time, just tell them you plan on traveling by land to other countries.

That's how it goes in Central America.

Better check on it before you try it though. good luck to you and have fun :)