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1. Posted by kbombtom (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y

kbombtom has indicated that this thread is about USA

So i was wondering if anyone could help me. My GF and i are coming to the states in July and are looking at doing a 60 day roadtrip from Miami to San Fran. Maybe if you could look at our basic itinerary and let me know if we are missing anything major out on our route.

Miami up the east coast to savannah then into Atlanta
Atlanta to Memphis
Memphis to Dallas
After Dallas im not sure where is worth visiting in Texas, but was thinking of heading to San Antonio
Then to El Paso
El Paso to Phoenix
San diego, LA, Vegas and finish in San Fran

So thats the basic itinerary, just need to figure out whats worth visiting in between the major places.

Do you know of any nice National Parks on the way worth visiting? You think we are allowing enough time for everything?

Also, is there much of a hassle buying a car in the states and then having to get insurance, registration and title deed to then re-sell at the end?

2. Posted by luckysnap (Budding Member 37 posts) 8y

I would add Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and St. Augustine Florida and skip Atlanta and Memphis. Also I think New Orleans is now OK to see. Have a good time. Welcome to the USA!

3. Posted by Amie L. (Budding Member 45 posts) 8y

Skip Memphis!!!!?????? That dude is crazy. It really depends on what type of person you are. Memphis is steeped in history (it's actually scary that these cruel events only took place recently). A visit to the Martin Luther King Human Rights Museum is HAUNTING and way better than I could have imagined - it's where he was assasinated. Plus there's Graceland which is so kitch and awesome! And Sun Studios... plus Beale Street is waaaaaay cool. The rest of the city isn't great. You can still see where the downtown deteriorated after the riots, but even that is kind of wild.

A lot of people go to Austin, Texas. It's a big thing for the younger tourists with 6th Ave (or 9th Ave) or something like that. They shut down the whole street and there is just this big run of bars and people. It wasn't my thing, and I didn't know why people hyped it so much - but my taste differs from that of a sorority girl. Although I did manage to still have some fun. I mostly really like the hostel I stayed at because it's in a park by a river.

While Ft. Lauderdale might be cool, places like Palm Beach are (from what I understand) full of way-rich seniors and retirees - so keep that in mind. I am totally generalizing though, so I welcome others to give an opposing view.

That is going to be a killer road trip!!!! Have fun and be careful.

4. Posted by Amie L. (Budding Member 45 posts) 8y

Luckysnap is 60 and retired (to prove my point). I don't know how old you are.. but that's something to keep in mind. What he likes may be different than what you like.

5. Posted by kellypsych (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y

Memphis is great...I wouldn't skip it. Also, look into Sedona in Arizona....beautiful with great hiking if you are into that. I haven't spent much time in Atlanta...not sure if it is worth it. Have fun!

6. Posted by Ham Radio (Respected Member 284 posts) 8y

San Diego is one of America's finest cities, with excellent weather especially in summer.

7. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 875 posts) 8y

Another one of those questions that really could have a million answers and all could be different. It depends on what your into, what you expect out of your trip.

If your starting in Miami you might want to stay in the Clay hotel. Its been a while sine I was done there, but that is the original Youth Hostel for Miami Beach and I think is still the most popular. Consider going south first! Yup head down to Key West, its a different world. Then you have the Everglades to hit back on the way up. If you want history dont leave out St Augustine, then yes hit Savannah.

As a resident of Atlanta, thats a tough call, it can be a frustrating city and blazing hot in July. There is some history, there really is nothing I can think of right off that is on the "wow that was cool" level. If you go to Memphis and are into Elvis, maybe stop at Tupelo Miss which is on the way and where Elvis was born, his little house is still there.

Like someone else said, Id hit New Orleans and Austin, then up to the Grand Canyon and Vegas baby!

Texas is huge and some parts are pretty remote, if you buy a car, make sure its up to the trip. Some states when you buy a car the previous owner removes his license plate. Your going to have to go through some bureaucracy to get a plate and get the car re titled in your name. you will need an address they can send the title on to, although some state DVLC's now can do it then and there. Insurance, Id bet your probably going to need an address for that too. If you take care of all that then selling it isnt a problem, you'll have a title to hand over at the sale, otherwise no one will buy it. Actually, now I think about it, im not sure again in FL but vehicles over 10 years, I think, dont need a title only a bill of sale. If thats the case your golden.

8. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 875 posts) 8y

If your going by way of El Paso, then go to Tombstone too.

9. Posted by Dodger (Inactive 875 posts) 8y

Quoting Amie L.

Luckysnap is 60 and retired (to prove my point). I don't know how old you are.. but that's something to keep in mind. What he likes may be different than what you like.

LOL...opps did I say that out loud

10. Posted by kbombtom (Budding Member 5 posts) 8y

Sweet thats some really good info there.

So do people think its worth travelling down near the mexican border onto San Diego that way? or is there nothing much around the border?

Also is there anything around Tucson and Phoenix?