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Hong Kong to Laos - Entry points / Visas etc.

Travel Forums Asia Hong Kong to Laos - Entry points / Visas etc.

1. Posted by DoA (Budding Member 84 posts) 8y

Hi guys,

We will be landing in Hong Kong & from their making our way down to the Laos border (by bus / train).

We are UK citizens so don't need a visa for HK but will need one for China. Is it best to go for a transit visa or tourist one?

Also, which border crossings allow visa on arrival between China & Laos???

Thanks for your help.


2. Posted by DoA (Budding Member 84 posts) 8y

^^ bump ^^

Is this crossing possible or are we going to have to figure something else out???

3. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 8y

This member, TulsaTrot, did a RTW trip a year ago and part of their trip is from Vietnam to Hong Kong. I think he might be able to help you on this.

4. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 8y

Strange that this question hasn't been answered.

About the visa upon arrival in Laos: yes, 30 day visa is possible to get on arrival. Main crossing from China is at Boten in Laos. This is the one used most by travellers (and as far as I remember the only one currently, although some might say there is another or so).

Oh by the way, you don't mention it, but not possible to get a visa upon arrival (at least overland, don't know about airports?) in Vietnam, just in case you might want to visit this country.