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backpacking/volunteering in Argentina, sept-dec 08

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean backpacking/volunteering in Argentina, sept-dec 08

1. Posted by evadiva (Budding Member 30 posts) 8y

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ok, i bought my plane ticket the other day...July 30 I leave from Miami to Buenos Aires..So Im more comfortable having that nonstop flight...Also, I'm going to be staying with a friend for about 1 month. After that Im thinking Rosario, Iguazu, and somewhere else before volunteering for about 4 weeks in Salta...DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A CHEAP/ GOOD VOLUNTEER PROGRAM BESIDES INSIGHT/HELP ARGENTINA? that's the program im thinking about for now because it's so far the cheapest (450$usd no matter the legnth, not including housing, but homestay is 72$usd a week), then to Mendoza, Cordoba, and Patagonia before going back to Buenos Aires by early December. I plan on staying mixed dorm style in hostels the whole way (cheapest i can get), travelling overland, and not buying a lot of souveniers.....I want to visit national parks, museums and mostly just experience culture/nature. To have a quality backpacking experience, is 3,500$usd reasonable(not including that volunteer fee, so for hostels, food,and tours)? i have a backpack, and it's very big, not long though, so im not sure if this is too small - the adidas Masset II Back Pack. Traveling light is fine for me, but what is reasonable here? Should I be bringing a huge pack w/ a sleeping bag? I don't want to underprepared for any opprotunity! any help/comments on my volunteering, budget, "itenerary", backpack would be so helpful! thanks in advance!

2. Posted by alicata (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y

Eva you should try to travel light but you would be coming to Argentina in more than one season and going to places that have very different weather between them. a 90-110 liters back pack should be enough. If you dont want to bring more than one slepping bag you should bring a 4-6 degrees slepping bag that opens all arround.

if you are staying at cordoba call me -snip-

Have a nice flight----

next time in Spanish-.

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3. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 8y

90-110 liters is an INSANE size; you can pack a mammoth in it, and still leave room for two sets of clean clothes. 55-65 should be plenty if you pack smart.