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showing funds for workign holiday visa australia

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific showing funds for workign holiday visa australia

1. Posted by jamie1985 (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y


I am thinking of applying for the Working Holiday Visa for Australia

However I have a quesiton, when do I have to provide evidence of having the suitable funds($5000)

a. When I apply for the visa
b. When I enter the country

the reason I ask is because I want to apply for the Visa asap but I dont have $5000 at the moment.

My other quesiton is I'm looking to go in December, when should I look to get my flight ticktes
I spoke to a travel agent today who said by June a lot of flights will have gone

any help would be great


2. Posted by chemgal (Respected Member 149 posts) 8y

Hi Jamie,
You may be asked to show your proof of funds when you enter Australia. Most people are not asked for this but you may be unlucky and the immigration officers will ask you for it.
The flights will be busy and expensive in December as it is the peak travel time for Australia and New Zealand. If you can, leave in November and you should get a better deal!

3. Posted by jamie1985 (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y

hi thanks for the reply that is great just the info I needed.
So just to confirm when I apply online for the visa I DO NOT need to provide proof of funds, only when I enter the country I need to?


4. Posted by LusciousLu (Budding Member 72 posts) 8y

Nope you dont need to provide funds when applying as I found out after I asked my father dearest to plop 700 extra quid into my account when it turns out i didnt need it at all!