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Wine and other weaknesses

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1. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

I'm here sipping on a lovely Cabaret-Sauvignon and thought, hey!, maybe there are other winos who have sugestions for the next time I head to the liquor commission. This tasty bottle is from the MAN winery in South Africa. Delish! This follows the nice The Little Penguin that I finished up last night. What can I say--it's my weakness!

So...who's discovered what? Wine, beer, booze--go ahead and spill!

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator 3742 posts) 8y

Not sure whether you get this in canada, but Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon is my favourite. I have been to the winery in Australia where it is produced and tried a few of their other wines and they are all great :)

3. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 8y

i really like the Argentinian malbec reserva, Norton. my local supermarket always has the 2005 in stock but if you can get the 2004 its much nicer !! Or with South African wines the shop that I used to go in Dublin had a really nice cabernet sauvignon , i think it was by stellenbosch......

4. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 8y

Nouaison Merlot 2006 is what I drink almost every night (no, I don't have a problem). Good tasty wine, smooth and thus of the type you can drink a glass more if you would like that.
Also, Swartland South African is good wine.

5. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 8y

Hey T mid week drinking???? I thought l was the resident TP alcoholic!!

Wine - my speciality!!! So now we have a TP wine club - cool!!!

Ive just gone through a phase of drinking whites - my favourite having to be from New Zealand esp the Marlbourough region of the South Island. St Clair Sauv Blanc (lve been to the winery too!!) really delicious - some speciality off licences sell it in Northern Ireland - so you might be able to get it over in Canada - otherwise l can tell Neal where to go - Gap Wines on Antrim Road stock it!!!! As well theres Mudhouse which is pretty good - but it moved from Marlborough to somewhere outside Christchurch and l got fed up driving about looking for it and getting lost!!

As for red - lm prefer Ozzie wines - especially big flavours Cab Shiraz being prob my favourite grape. Rosemount Estates do a really nice Cab Shiraz. There's also Wolfblass Cab Sauvignon but lve started to go off it slightly and think its become a bit over rated.

The NZ St Clair l was rattling on about early do a really nice Pinot Noir too which is lovely on a nice hot day.

God now l want a glass of wine - and its not quite lunch time yet!!

How about nice accompaniments to go along with our wine suggestions - anyone?

6. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 8y

How about nice accompaniments to go along with our wine suggestions - anyone?

ohhh some nice cheese for snacks,
or a good steak with a full bodied red,

ohhhh i need to find an open wine shop on the way home from work now !!!

I had a good california one before , it was a red one but i can't remember the grape it was called cardinal zin i think, it was light an really easy to drink....

7. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y

I like most any year of Michael~David Vineyards' 7 Deadly Zins from California. I also like Forest Glen's cabernet (especially the 1998) but the consistency has been iffy lately. A good bottle is like drinking liquid chocolate - yum. I haven't yet had anything bad from Fairview Winery (South Africa) under their Goats Do Roam label. (Yup, bought that the first time because of the label.)

I'm not big on whites but two that are produced locally (so won't be at T's wine shop) are (Illinois) Galena Cellars' Niagra (semi-sweet) which is like biting into a crisp green apple. The other is (Wisconsin) Wollersheim's Prairie Fume. Again, a semi-sweet but delicious.

There's a small winery about 6 miles from here. They offer tours so we're thinking of going for a visit to see what they produce.

8. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 8y

Thanks for the names G, now I know what to ask for on the way home....

9. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

I'm not alone! Hooray!

Great suggestions, guys! There's one huge liquor store downtown that stocks rarities (and extremely expensive stuff-I saw a $10,00 bottle there), so I can check with them to see what we have. Quebec is getting better and better at stocking good wines from everywhere. And bex, we do have Jacob's Creek- delicious!

Other faves:

  • Lacryma Cristi (grown next to Mount Vesuvio)
  • Masi Campofiori (sp??). Buy me the Amarone and I'm your slave for a week.
  • Just about any Valpollicella

My sister once had a bottle called Fat bastard. Anyone every heard of it...?

I'm not a big white fan either, but we drank only whites in Luxembourg and Germany. When in Rome... Saw a few of them here but the prices are ginormous. Also had a nice Chardonnay from South Africa awhile back...can't remember the name...Owl something? It was very good. The trouble with whites is they have to stay cold or else they lose their taste. Guess the solution is to drink fast!

10. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 8y

the fat bastard one is a french wine as far as i know, from what i can remember it was quite nice too ! ohhh i'd forgotten about the masi amarone!!! i need some time off work to get through all these !!!