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1. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 8y

aarantes has indicated that this thread is about Norway

I'm so mad right now!

I have just discovered that my cheap flight to OSLO is not actually to Oslo, but to Oslo Sandefjord Airport Torp.
It seems to be really far away and the train ride to Oslo will cost about the same thing as the ticket from ryaniar. Also the times are not so great. I can't seem to find out how much it costs by bus... The English information doesn't say much about price, timetable and where does it stops in Oslo.

I'm staying at COCHS PENSJONAT (Parkveien 25) and want to find out the best way to go there. I'm pregnant and I'm so afraid this is going to be too exhaustive for me. I can't tell you how mad I am!

I was wondering if on the day we fly back we could rent a car and travel stopping on our way to the airport. Any nice places to visit over there?

I'm also flying from Bergen to Oslo
Departure: 17:05 Bergen, Norway - Flesland
Arrival: 17:55 Oslo, Norway - Oslo Airport
Airline: Scandinavian Airlines SK278

Does anyone knows which airport is it?

Thank you and please help me!


2. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1384 posts) 8y

Hi Aline:

Torp / Sandefjord Airport is pretty far away from Oslo (it a habit of Ryanair to choose far away cheaper airports, and tell you it's Oslo, they do the same with a lot of airports, check Stockholm, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Paris if you want)

This is the information about busses from the Torp Airport Website:[/url

They say busses leave approx. 30 minutes after landing, and will wait in case of delays. If you look further on the website you will see it is also possible to go by train, those leave until 22.25 in the evening.

3. Posted by Fekjaer (Inactive 12 posts) 8y


You can take a bus with a company named "Timekspressen". Line 14 (Stavern - Larvik - Sandefjord - Oslo) it goes 14 times a day. The bussride is NOK180,- It goes from Torp Airport and takes you to either Vika or Oslo Bus Terminal in Oslo.

If you need anymore information ill give it to you, either post here or send me a message :) Hope this helps :)

Good Luck!

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

I've taken that bus once and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. First cost. I think the previous poster is probably right about the price. It sounds like a lot but compared to the express train that everyone takes from the 'normal' airport, it's only 20 nok more... The bus to osl (the regular airport) is 130. I took it last week and was actually a little amazed it's that much since it takes more than twice the time to get to the city that the train does. Time wise the bus from torp takes about 80 mins vs 45 for the osl bus. So it's not too bad... You'll end up at central so still need a taxi or tram to where you are staying, but that'd be the case regardless of airport. I think your other flight is to osl gardemoen as the main airport is called. SAS usually flies there.

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

By the way, I was wondering if I remembered correctly which place you're staying at so looked it up. It's got a great location (here on google maps) and has nice simple rooms (breakfast included too if I'm not mistaken) from the time I remember visiting it - had a friend staying there. So for that location, from central station you can take a tram (11,17 and 18 should all do the trick - make sure they're going in the direction of the national palace and not the other way :) ) or walk (about 15 minutes leisure pace or doable in 10 walking fast). Alternatively, the metro to National Theatre stop and from there it's about a 5 minute stroll. You can download a pdf of the tram and metro lines in oslo from the public transport website. If you take a cab it would probably be around 80 nok if it's during the day.

Hope that helps and enjoy your stay in Oslo :)

6. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 8y

Many, many thanks guys.

One more question:

Until what time are restaurants and cafes open at night? I mean, by the time I check in in my hotel it will be late (my flight arrives at Torp at 20h). Where would it be possible to grab something to eat?

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

Quoting aarantes

Many, many thanks guys.

One more question:

Until what time are restaurants and cafes open at night? I mean, by the time I check in in my hotel it will be late (my flight arrives at Torp at 20h). Where would it be possible to grab something to eat?

Most restaurants will probably be closed around 23/00 (food serving till 21/22), but cafe's would be open later. Not really the eating variety though :( That said, there's literally hundreds of convenience stores in Oslo (there's one about 100 metres up the road from where you're staying if I recall correctly) that serve pretty decent food 24 hours a day. It's fast food, but with things like sandwiches, sushi, a variety of asian, italian and indian dishes that can be heated up there for you, it's not bad at all.

8. Posted by westayzh (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y

On a similar note, i am trying to get from Oslo Torp to Oslo Bus Terminal to catch a Bus which goes to Al.

My flight arrives at 9.40 am. and I am thinking of getting the ryanair bus which leaves 30 min after the flight arrives.

My question is, can I clear customs in half an hour in Torp. It sounds awfully fast!

Also, can i make pre bookings for Norway Buseskpress buses if I do not reside in Norway?


9. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 7y

Hi! I took the bus with no problem. The arrival was very fast. I don't really recal doing customs. The bus though was broken and we had to change, so it took a little longer. It was snowing a loooot! I bought the bus ticket with the bus driver.

I hope I've helped.

; )

10. Posted by bgl (Full Member 167 posts) 7y

This is a VERY small airport. Customs (if you even notice it when you walk thru) is more of a formality. And 30 minutes is PLENTY of time.

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