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Running with the bulls...and more!!! Care to join me???

Travel Forums Travel Companions Running with the bulls...and more!!! Care to join me???

1. Posted by patric (Budding Member 10 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Call it my quarter-life crisis if you like but I'd rather not do it solo! :D

I'm single guy just out of an engagement and kinda looking to let loose a little bit this summer. Planning on hitting most of Western Europe for about a month (time to be determined but the bulls run 7/6-14...). Most of my friends either have jobs with no vacation time or wives/girlfriends to answer to, so here I am trolling for friends on the internet! HA!

I'm 34 (more like 27-28), white dude, educated (but not hig brow), like outdoors and sports (I play rugby), cultured (museums will be on the list of to-do's), looking to meet new people and make some memories. If you can meet up for some legs but not others, that's cool too. Probably will be looking to do the hostel thing, though a hotel here and there is probably necessary too. Below is my itenerary -- feel free to comment or make suggestions.

Tentative destinations (and potential route):

  • England (2-3 days):

Been to London so probably just in/out of Heathrow; then head to Scotland. Definitely want to see Liverpool and some other places though...maybe Birmingham, Newcastle, York, who knows???

  • Scotland (4-5 days)

Edinburgh & Highlands: I have friends who promise a place to stay and a pint at every pub!
Glasgow: Maybe; depends on time

  • Ireland (4-5 days)

Belfast: Figure Iin might as well stop on way to Dublin
Dublin Same deal - friend, free place to crash, and lots of Guinness, I'm sure)

  • France (7-10 days)

I plan to spend a few days moving through France to/from Spain -- no confirmed destinations yet. The Tour De France will be starting 7/5 and will be near the Spain border about the end of the bulls so that would be cool to catch... Paris: Again, been there, done that but need better pic's)

  • Spain (5-7 days)

Pamplona/San Sebastian (2 nights)
Madrid (1-2 day/nights)
Barcelona (2-3 day/nights)
Alicante (unlikely - unless I head to Morocco, which is possible)

  • Italy (2-3 days?)

Don't know if I'll have enough time, but ideally...Milan, Venice, Rome

I'm flying on a frequent flier ticket so IN to London and home from Rome might be possible???

Happy travels!