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"Hi, I am XXX, a traveller from XXX" in your local language

Travel Forums General Talk "Hi, I am XXX, a traveller from XXX" in your local language


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41. Posted by till (Full Member, 73 posts) 18 Nov '04 10:52

hallo ik ben Tijl een rugzakkertje uit belgié

42. Posted by Kathi20 (Respected Member, 270 posts) 18 Nov '04 21:54

Hi, I am Kathi, a traveller from Austria" in GERMAN (not Austrian!!!) would be:

Hallo, ich bin Kathi und komme aus Österreich!

(it's like Patlex explained, that u wouldnt say 'Reisender)

By the way: Patlex I love ur 'Schweitzer deutsch'!

In my accent it would be ( we have hundreds of different accents in AUT- so u better go and learn German in Germany ;))

Servas, i bin de Kathi und kumm aus Östarreich

43. Posted by NNicolaou (Budding Member, 38 posts) 19 Nov '04 01:22

Gia sas.To onoma mou ine Nikos kai ime apo tin Kipro.

I just said " Hi everyone. My name is Nikos and i come from Cyprus"
The language i used is Greek which is my native language.

44. Posted by barrito (Full Member, 44 posts) 19 Nov '04 11:14

What a wonderful idea - these phrases could be very helpful. BUT! I wonder how many michevious people have "planted" a really rude sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!

45. Posted by power1010 (Full Member, 18 posts) 24 Nov '04 21:45

sawaddee ka.
(Hallo <girl>;) or

sawaddee krub
(Hallo <boy say>;)

chan cheui MeMe .
(I am MeMe.)[quote]

nuck dern tang chark Thailand.
(a traveller from Thailand)

46. Posted by angela_ (Respected Member, 1732 posts) 13 Dec '04 17:03

Hello, my name is María. I am a traveller from Iceland would be in Icelandic: Halló, ég heiti Maria. Ég er ferðamaður frá Íslandi.

47. Posted by Pati (Full Member, 120 posts) 16 Dec '04 13:52

Nice topic,
In my country we talk three languages: Spanish (75%) and Quechua (20%)
and Aymara (5%)

Hola soy Patti, una viajera de Perú.

imaynallam kanki ñuqam kani Patti uk llaqtamanta Peru.


48. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru, 1303 posts) 16 Dec '04 14:16

oooh i love spanish. that reminds me-i was learning at one point but that has all gone to pot!-i really should start again i suppose!

49. Posted by Wocca (Inactive, 3745 posts) 19 Dec '04 02:19


Nihao (Hello)

Wo jiao Sam (My name is Sam)

Wo shi cong helan (I'm from Holland)

Zhu ni baitian (Have a great day)

50. Posted by acetravels (Full Member, 181 posts) 20 Dec '04 08:38

well in hindi....national language...we have so many languages and dialects... my name"s , sanjay. a traveller from india...
... namaste mey sanjay hoon {n is silent} india say aaya hoon{n in hoon is silent again}
even in hindi one can rephrase this sentence differently..