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"Hi, I am XXX, a traveller from XXX" in your local language

Travel Forums General Talk "Hi, I am XXX, a traveller from XXX" in your local language

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71. Posted by bwiiian (Travel Guru, 768 posts) 26 Oct '08 04:45

Hwur iwurzel Iwurzel awur mwurzel Bwur rwur iwur a wur nwurzel, awurzel twur rwur a wur vwue ewur lwur lwur ewur rwurzel fwur rwur owur mwurzel Ewur nwur gwur lwur awur nwur dwurdip.

That is in Wurzelese, (Hi, I am Brian, a traveller from England) for all you '80's kids out there who used to watch Wurzel Gummidge. I learnt it from the single that he released!! I think it is only me and Gummidge himself that speak it though.

72. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member, 274 posts) 26 Oct '08 07:46

G'day, I am Erik, a travella from Ortstraylia

That's what I sound like phonetically!

(I wish I knew another language)

73. Posted by rsingkang (Budding Member, 11 posts) 26 Oct '08 18:33

In Russian:

Priviet, menya zavut XXX. Ya priyehal(a) iz XXX.

Hi, my name is XXX. I'm from XXX.

74. Posted by laconic (Budding Member, 4 posts) 26 Oct '08 20:47

G'day! I'm Brad, a happy go lucky backpacker from the land of down under! hehe :)

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