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Buying bus tickets in Peru

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Buying bus tickets in Peru

1. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 8y


I will be in Peru at the later part of April. Tried buying some bus tickets online but somehow the website does not accept my credit card.

My question is, will it be too late to buy the tickets when i reach Lima? I will be buying the tickets to Arequipa/Puno 1 day before I am due to take the bus. Kinda worried that the tickets will be sold out by the time i get to Lima.....



2. Posted by AndyB24 (Respected Member 167 posts) 8y

some of the bus lines sell out of tickets really quick, but only on certain runs from my experience, the cusco trip was booked out 2 days in advance when we wanted to go there. Arequipa wasn't a problem tho, if the busses to there are full, take the one to nazca then one from there on to arequipa.

Cruz del sur have a website you can buy online at.

Bus travel is a pain in Lima, as the different companies each have their own depot, so if one place doesn't have any free spots, youhave to travel across town to another.

Lots of travel/booking agencies there. The Loki hostel in miraflores organised our tickets to Ecuador for us when we first arrived.

Have fun, Arequipa is a great little city, as is Puno. Didn't get hassled nearly as much as in the rest of the country there.


3. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 8y

my advice would be to go to the bus station and buy tickets 1 or maybe 2 days in advance.

quite often the agencies will rip you off for very cheap tickets.

for instance in Cusco they wanted 65-100 soles for a ticket I went to the station and got myself for 25 soles. The station in Cusco certainly has many many stands all plying for your custom.

Seems the same in Arequipa.

4. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 8y


Will i be able to buy all my Peru bus tickets in Lima? Or do i have to get them in each town?

I find booking transportation extremely frustrating. Tried booking my bus tickets from Cruz del Sur online but somehow my credit card keep getting rejected... :(

I am also having problems with the PeruRail website. Has anyone tried taking a taxi/bus from Cusco to Machu Pichu? I am wondering if it is at all possible as I am afraid the train tickets may be fully booked once i get to Peru and somehow i cannot seems to buy them online!!


5. Posted by AndyB24 (Respected Member 167 posts) 8y

There is no road from cusco to macchu, only the train line.

You are better off getting the tickets as you need them. The only time we had to wait was the bus from lima to cusco which was booked out 2 days ahead.

6. Posted by don_kam (Full Member 115 posts) 8y

Thanks!! I will keep my fingers cross then and hope that i can get the train tickets :)