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Which Posto is best to stay in Rio

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Which Posto is best to stay in Rio

1. Posted by helppleas (Budding Member 8 posts) 8y

Hi, This may be an extremely ignorant question, but I was recommended by a friend to stay near Postos 9-10 in Rio, and I was wondering what exactly that meant. It looks like it might be near Ipanema beach? But I wasn't sure if there were different posts on different beaches or if just one Posto 9 in the whole city.

2. Posted by tricky (Respected Member 323 posts) 8y

no idea what that means to be honest but for my money Mellow Yellow just by Copacabana hotel and beach was one of the best hostels I have been at in SA.

3. Posted by Fast (Budding Member 37 posts) 8y

Posto actually refers to the life guard post number. In Copacabana it starts at Posto 1 and goes to Posto 6. Posto 1 is closer to Leme and Botofogo and Posto 6 is closer to Ipanema and Leblon. It all depends on what you want to be near. All of Copacabana is only about 4.5 Kilometers long so nothing is really far away.
Posto 9 and 10 are in Ipanema and posto 9 is also known as the gay beach. Ipanema is more expensive to stay in than Copacabana.

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4. Posted by helppleas (Budding Member 8 posts) 8y

Thanks! Do you know which postos are safer and which ones are more dangerous? One of my friends keep saying to stay near some club help or something...


5. Posted by adaziv (Inactive 30 posts) 8y

Each posto is relatively small, i.e. no real difference if you stay close to posto 7 as opposed to 8. However, I would reccommend Ipanema rather than Copacabana (just a personal prefernce). There is a small street lined with hostels in Ipanema (Rua Barrao do Tore or sth. like that) and I can reccommend that.

6. Posted by Fast (Budding Member 37 posts) 8y

Club Help is a disco that is filled with hookers. Where you stay should depend on what you can afford. Ipanema is much more expensive than Copacabana. I would recommend staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. Less expensive and more privacy.

7. Posted by sofe1978 (Respected Member 127 posts) 8y

I have also noticed that Help Club is the information given for the location of lots of apartments. Doesn't sound too great if it's full of hookers then, is it in an ok area?



8. Posted by Fast (Budding Member 37 posts) 8y

Yes, Posto 5 is an OK area of Copacabana. Help Disco is on Av. Atlantica between Rua Miguel Lemos and Rua Djalma Ulrich. Its about 1 block from the Rio Othon Palace Hotel, also on Av. Atlantica.

9. Posted by BR-UNO (Inactive 31 posts) 8y

Dear travelers,
Ive just updated Rios wiki page.
I hope its helpful!
If you need any further info, let me know.