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My "itinerary" not set on stone, more of a refrence.

Travel Forums Europe My "itinerary" not set on stone, more of a refrence.

1. Posted by Eddiebleek (Budding Member 15 posts) 8y

Hey guys, I'm 23 male from NJ, I'm almost done w. school and plan on spending two months in Europe before entering the real world, and would like your advice on my "itinerary." Is there anything around the countries that I'm going to visit that I must see but have not listed. Any help/ suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

May 22nd I fly into London but I'm just going to club it up at the golden nugget (casino) and not waste my money on a hostel for the night or stay at the airport bc I get in at around 10pm, and prob wont be out till about midnight. Due to luggage and emigration.

May 23rd - 25th stay at some hostel (any recomendations) in London

May 25th - leave London and head over to Düsseldorf, Germany. Where I'm going to be based out of for about 3 - 4 weeks (family friend has an apt). I plan on taking a few day trips to Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and other cities near by, and whenever I feel like partying or the city is too far ill just spend the night in a hostel.

mid June- I plan on going over to Switzerland ( Interlaken, Lugano Geneva) I'm not sure where, but somewhere I can snowboard.

Late June I plan on maybe hitting up Milan in Italy and then prob going over to Monaco for a day or two is very expensive form what i hear. or maybe just make it a day trip or something, and if I have time will do Nice.

Early July: I should be in Barcelona for about 3 days and then heading over to Zaragosa, and RUNNING W. THE BULLS in Pamplona. after that making my way to Madrid to meet up w. a group of students that come from my school to Spain and going on a week tour w. them.

July 21st I should be making my way back to Cambridge University to meet my friend from school and then heading over to London back home on July 24th...

  • * Leaving Italy, Greece, and Egypt, Morocco for another year**

What do you think?

Any Hostel recomendations???

Also do you think I should get the Eurorail or just try and take cheap flights around and pay for the train rides individually. I'm going to get a German rail pass for the 3 weeks that ill prob spend in Germany, but for the other countries what do you recommend?

  • ** If anyone wants to join me @ some point let me know ***

Thank you,


2. Posted by Merryman (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y

There won't be many resorts open to snowboard in Switzerland in mid-June.

Tignes in France is the only resort I know of thats particularly good for glacier skiing/boarding at that time of year.

Maybe Zermatt or something might as well but you should check its going to be open and have snow before you go!

3. Posted by Eddiebleek (Budding Member 15 posts) 8y

Thanks for the advice. I have been emailing different resorts but non have gotten back to me yet.

4. Posted by Merryman (Budding Member 11 posts) 8y

There has been a lot of snow this season and some big dumps over the last few weeks so most resorts will be open into early May I should think.

After that I reckon Tignes is your best bet...