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1. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 12y

Hi, people

Am new here. I'm planning to head to Amsterdam in late October this year, and also to Antwerp for about a week or so. I already have accommodations in Holland (staying with a friend in Den Haag), but I'm posting this thread to garner ideas on what to do while I'm there.

This is sorta a major trip for me, since I'm travelling alone and I'm a bit at sea as to what to do, there seem to be so many things I have to plan, ugh. Any suggestions are greatly welcome!

2. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 12y

Can't tell you much about amsterdam.

But antwerp is deffinatly a nice city. Lots of great old building.

Special site you could go for is:

-Vlaaikesgang (oldest street in Belgium)

- Belle epoque. this is a verry special neigbourhood. Really special architecture from the
1800. It's really specail (it's arround the Cogels Osylei street)

Just go look arround and enjoy.



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3. Posted by Gorecki (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

Amsterdam should keep you busy for a few days, and there are bus tours for reasonable prices that show you the most interesting places near the city, e.g. Keukenhof (a gigantic expo on flowers... mostly tulips in all sizes and shapes). You'll have to check whether it's still open though at that time of the year.

Antwerp is interesting too, quite a big variety of things to see and do. And the train can get you anywhere else in Belgium, the network is good and you have a lot of trains. It's perfectly possible to go and visit Brussels just for one day, as the train ride should only take half an hour or so.

4. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 12y

Thanks very much for your replies

The Keukenhof sounds most interesting, and I hope it's still open at that time, I love tulips!

By the way, how safe is it to go walking around alone at night? I don't mean past midnight, but say... after 8pm?

5. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 12y

No luck there. The keukenhof is only open in sping (next year from 24 of march to the 20
of may).

But they have a bulp sale in october.
more info at there webpage



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6. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 12y

Thanks, georgep. Looks like I can't even make it for the bulb sale. I'm aiming to reach there by 23rd Oct. Oh well.

7. Posted by janzw (Full Member 39 posts) 12y


here you find a list of museums and attractions in Amsterdam:


have a good time there!

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8. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 12y

Thanks for the link, janzw! It's very helpful. I think I'm going to be visiting a lot of museums when I'm there, lol.

I am also thinking of taking in Rotterdam and Utrecht. Any suggestions for those?

Oh, and I checked out some guidebooks on Benelux. I was hoping not to lug two guidebooks (one on Holland, one for Belgium), but Lonely Planet doesn't seem to have one comprehensive guidebook on Benelux (at least not as last checked). There is one Benelux guidebook by Frommers which seems rather good. Anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks loads for any help rendered.

9. Posted by janzw (Full Member 39 posts) 12y

hi again

for Rotterdam you can check out the VVV (tourist office site)

Rotterdam has one of biggest harbours in the world and you can take a boat tour there. Also you can climb(by elevator) the Euromast which gives a beautiful view on the city. Also you can go to Scheveningen beach by tram, where you see one of the most popular beaches on Holland.

For Utrecht you should at least see de Dom tower, the highest Church tower in the Netherlands (about 110 meter). The canal at the Oude Gracht is also nice, were are also restaurants. I can remember I ate at a very good Mexican restaurant somewhere there years ago.

Check out the tourist office of Utrecht:

You can also take a canal boat tour there,

have fun in all those dutch cities.

I am from the netherlands besides


10. Posted by janzw (Full Member 39 posts) 12y

I have to correct myself. The beach of Scheveningen is reachable by bus when you go to The Hague(Den Haag). den Haag is besides also worth visiting and not far from Rotterdam. In Den Haag you can visit the Binnenhof, where the politians are. The place is historical. as for museums, the Mauritshuis has many old paintings of well known painters.

as for Rotterdam, you can go by bus to Hoek van Holland if you want to see a beach similar as Scheveningen.