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Inserting Photo's from Other Sites

Travel Forums System Talk Inserting Photo's from Other Sites

1. Posted by jl98584 (Travel Guru 114 posts) 8y

How about modifing the Select a Photo window that pops up when the user clicks Img so users can insert photo's stored on other web sites?

The way I would see this working is similar to the Video option:

The top of the window is the same as it now, user can select a photo from their TP photo gallery.


Below is a section to choose a photo service (Flickr, Kodak, etc - just the most popular ones) and paste in the appropriate link.

Without this option, I tried to write some instructions so we could comply with Flickr's upload policy. Seems like putting at least part of this code into the Select a Photo window would be slightly easier?

How to Add Photo's from Flickr

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 8y

I think if we did it we'd actually want to make it even easier than that. The main problem with the links the way the video system is set up is that if the 'base link' changes, then the entire link won't work anymore. That's less likely to happen with the video providers imo. But figuring out some way to do this better is definitely in the cards!