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Belfast - and quick

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1. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 8y

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Any last minute suggestions for a good place to grab a cheap meal in central Belfast tonight? Maybe pizza or something?

It's about an hour before I set off....

2. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 8y

Chinese? Fastfood? Dominos?

Where in Belfast will you be?

3. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 8y

Fast work Hien!

Staying at premier inn, which is right in the centre, not too far from the bus terminal.

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4. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Try Maggie May's--BYOB and great, cheap food. I even think Neal is going to eat there tonight. If you see people speaking French, that's him and his work friends!

Edited cause I wrote the pub next door. Good to go to Auntie Annie's afterwards, though!

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5. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 8y

Rob - l know lve missed the boat - cheap eats - Premier Travel Inn - theres a place called Little Italy around corner from Crown - take away - but edible. Otherwise - Bradbury Place - Speranza cheap enough good pizza and other italian food!! Chinese - opposite bus station - Red Panda used to be decent although lve been hearing different reports lately.

I really shouldve checked the posts yesterday but l was a wee bit busy!! Still you got sunshine today (Sunday!!)

Hope you got fed and watered! And you really shouldve told me you were in Belfast l couldve bought you a pint!!