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Suitable heavy duty, 4 season, 1 man equipment for rtw

Travel Forums Travel Gear Suitable heavy duty, 4 season, 1 man equipment for rtw

1. Posted by 02pooto (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y

Hi, I'm planning to go RTW but need some adice on suitable equipment. I'll be travelling by walking, cycling and hitchikiing thru 62 countries over land-hopefully for over a year probably. The climates will vary dramtically from the coldness of alaska/canada/russia to the heat of Africa. Bearing in mind this could any1 give me info on suitable equipment - tents/boots/sleeping bags etc that wud work fine in these varying condition. Thanks

2. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 8y

tent: Hilleberg Akto Ultra or Hilleberg Soulo, Hilleberg Unna.


1) Trekking boots. They will double as warm winter boots, wellington boots, hiking shoes and cold weather cycling shoes. Make damn sure they are comfortable and well broken in.

2) Pair of sandals. I suggest looking at the Keen Commuter or maybe Teva Sandals.

3) Cheap pair of flip-flops for yucky showers and the beach. If you use a Teva Sandal you might be able to skip them.

sleeping bag:

Normal 3-season down sleeping bag combined with a silk and or fleece inlet and some rescue blankets. Look for a bag that is comfortable for the temps just below freezing and can be completely unzipped to form a blanket.

mattress: Exped DownMat. Make sure you have the equipment to patch up a hole if necessary.

Bike: Dahon with Tour Front Rack and Tour Rear Rack and Ortlieb Panniers. Alternatively a Bike Friday.

I strongly hope you don't intend to trek in Alaska, Canada or Russia in the winter bc then the above method (especially concerning the sleeping bag) would not work. I personally have an egg-shaped artificial fibre 3-season sleeping bag that I can combine with a cheap and light-weight artificial fibre mummy-shaped summer sleeping bag when it gets really cold - yet I would not use this set up in temps below - 10 C.

3. Posted by 02pooto (Budding Member 9 posts) 8y

Thank-you for the information.

No I hopefully will be in warmer climes for winter, might get a bit chilly otherwise!