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Koh Phi Phi - High season/low season - how busy?

Travel Forums Asia Koh Phi Phi - High season/low season - how busy?

1. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Travel Guru 542 posts) 8y

I was just wondering how much quieter Koh Phi Phi gets from now on? Is this as quiet as it gets or will it get even quieter until next winter?

I like the fact that the hotels are a bit cheaper now but prefer things to be a bit busier so I'm trying to decide when to visit in future and looking for the best compromise between being busy and price.

2. Posted by Martha89 (Budding Member 2 posts) 8y

I think it's alittle buisy around december.. I askd a friend of mine hwo works in a travel company of some sort :P The flights are already getting full I've heard.

3. Posted by bulldogtwo (Budding Member 31 posts) 8y

Tourist season in Thailand is directly related to the weather. Most tourists avoid the monsoon season, hence less busy and much cheaper rates. The rainy season starts early May, about now, peaks July August, and continues to about mid to the end of Oct. Of course you will still get rain though Nov but that is scattered. December is a time when Thailand starts to really get busy and lasts until mid March during the dry season and when it starts to get really hot.

Thailand is great any time any season!
My Phen Rai Krup!!!