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Passport number for bus booking in Peru? Err?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Passport number for bus booking in Peru? Err?

1. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4892 posts) 8y

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I was looking at options for making an advance booking of one of the various bus trips we'll have to make in Peru to get from place to place, and found that two independent sites actually wanted a passport number for the booking. Err?? What's up with that? Is this normal? What in Bela's name do they want information like that for?
I realize threats like identity theft might not be as looming in South America as they are in Europe and the USA, but do they honestly expect people to just blithely enter information like that?

Can I safely assume that I can actually book bus tickets when there locally without this?

2. Posted by gallegos (Full Member 72 posts) 8y

Don't freak out, by Peruvian law, the bus companies required an ID (passport in case of a foreigner) to issue a bus ticket. Same thing as plane tickets.

Cruz del Sur is a reputable bus company in Peru. Oltursa as well.

Have a safe trip,

3. Posted by danube (Full Member 63 posts) 8y

You will be required to write your passport number whenever you book a trip at a local tour agent, buy a bus or flight ticket or book a room at a hostal.
We were travelling with Soyuz from Ica to Nazca when we were asked to fill in a sheet, where all the passengers write their IDs. I never thought it should be something to worry about. Several times they don't even verify if you write the correct number (by that time we knew it by heart ). Btw almost the same was the case in China.

If you travel from Lima to Ica or Nazca I can advise you to take Soyuz/PerĂº buses. These are local buses, not luxury ones, stop at several places but much cheaper than the luxury ones, and we never ever felt in danger.

Have fun!

4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4892 posts) 8y

Gaah. I had no idea Peru was that much of a big brother state. :/

I shall have to cultivate the art of writing sloppily and illegibly.