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1. Posted by Eefs (Budding Member 77 posts) 8y

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Hi guys

am traveling to Tanzania on 28th July for just over two weeks. I have had a quick look some tour operator websites etc but all the game lodges seem to be incredibly pricey ($1600!!!). Can anyone recommend a cheaper option?

How long do you think we will need on Safari?

Heading to Zanzibar & Pemba afterwards. Are there any local longhouses that we could stay in? I know there are many options in Zanzibar but I can only ffnd two luxury residences on the web (fundu & manta)

Any advice would be awesome.



2. Posted by alsalis (Full Member 63 posts) 8y

I spent 3 days on safari there before (Lake Manyara, serengeti and Ngorogoro) and it was enough time but a little rushed. I'm going back this year and plan to do 4 days adding Tarangire to the start. I'd be interested to hear recommendations for tour companies as well. But from what I've seen $150-200 a day looks to be the going rate for camping.

3. Posted by Eefs (Budding Member 77 posts) 8y

Thanks. Did you book through a tour? Drive yourself? Camp? I really have no idea!

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5. Posted by alsalis (Full Member 63 posts) 8y

Last time we just turned up in Arusha and got one booked in a couple of hours, most hotels have safari companies operating from them and people will 'help' you find a company. We got a good deal, there were 4 of us which helped.

I went camping last time and was happy with that, although it is literally a tent under some trees in the serengeti, no fences or any of that nonsense! It was a bit cold on the edge of ngorogoro crater and there wasn't much in the way of facilities, but for a few days it's ok. If there's a few of you doing it you can specify what you want, this time we're going to try for 1/2 camping 1/2 cheap lodges.

We had a guide and driver, so we just sat in the back and enjoyed the view!

6. Posted by Overlandin (Budding Member 82 posts) 8y

Hey there,

I can recommend a couple of reputable local operators I have personally used extremely successfully in the past...

Predators Safaris are very good at putting together a tailor made package to suit your requirements should one of their scheduled tours not suit.

Or Fun Safaris also very good... ask for Fish - he is the boss.

Prices are competitive for both.

Good luck. Tania

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