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1. Posted by Monsoon (Budding Member 18 posts) 8y

I wish to buy a portable storage device for my photos that I wish to take during an upcoming trip. I went to a professional store and they told me to upload my photos from a memory card to the port. storage device I will need a computer. But reading through the different threads, one of the contributors wrote the following:

Buy a portable photo storage device (a portable hard drive which can copy the photos from the card without needing a computer to copy them).

My question is: Do I need a computer or not?
Thanks for any reply.

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4932 posts) 8y

There are portable media devices which have slots for memory cards (and are really small computers in their own right) and so allow you to copy photos directly to them. Most regular portable hard disks wouldn't have this though, and so those would require a computer to transfer the files.
Of the former type, I can recommend (through personal experience by my brother, whom I'm traveling with atm) the Vosonic VP8360 (with its successor, the VP8860, to be released this month). The really good thing about these devices is that they'll take just regular laptop harddisks (and regular digital camera batteries), so you can upgrade/replace parts yourself very easily.

Do note however that these devices use hard disks. The saying amongst people in IT goes that hard disks exist in one of two states: "broken, or about to break". Do not rely exclusively on such a device for any length of time. Making a backup to a non-volatile storage medium (e.g. a CD or DVD) is still highly recommended; the portable disk would just be an extra backup, and an in-between solution for when there's no internet cafe nearby where you can burn DVDs.

3. Posted by TLWH (Travel Guru 516 posts) 8y

Totally agree with Sander (or rather his brother) on this one. I have traveled for years (and still am) with a vosonic vp2160. And its seriously good. And no you don't need a computer to use it. Though afterwards when home you will, to transfer them somewhere.

I chose the old version as it has no image viewer, just pop the memory card in press copy and watch a LED timer tell me how many files transfered. The reason I chose no image view was 2 fold at the time. 1) I wanted to conserve battery as much as possible as I would be in pretty remote places and hate view high resolution photos on a 2.5 inch screen. 2) at the time the screen versions were a bit pricey.

If buying one the only issue I would say is, buy one of those waterproof bags(dry bag) the same size as it as well and keep it in there (just in case).

And if shooting in RAW or taking many many photos over a long period, by a big HD!!

But like Sander said, back up to DVD /CD when ever you can, HD's do fail eventually.

If Sander is still watching (or his brother) ;-)

1) can the Vosonic VP8360 charge of the usb port of a pc?

2) does it still come with a big battery charger station thingy? or does it come with a cell phone sized charger?

And always on the lookout for upgrades


4. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4932 posts) 8y

Quoting outcast

1) can the Vosonic VP8360 charge of the usb port of a pc?


2) does it still come with a big battery charger station thingy? or does it come with a cell phone sized charger?

The latter.

5. Posted by PeterT (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y

I've heard of that product, but never personally used one. I recently tavelled with a professional photographer named Joanne Williams to the Pantanal in Brazil. She used something called a Wolverine that stores her pictures, and it had a LCD screen on the back, and you could scroll through them, and delete them, etc. Pretty neat.

6. Posted by Monsoon (Budding Member 18 posts) 8y

Thanks everybody for their input. It was very helpful and greatly appreciated.