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Question about Tourist + Student Visa

Travel Forums Europe Question about Tourist + Student Visa

1. Posted by popolina (Budding Member 53 posts) 8y

I am planning on spending 2 months and 10 days in Europe (mainly Italy) as a tourist. Then I am going studying for three months (Oct. 10-Dec. 21). Here is my question: I would like to spend Christmas backpacking with friends. My student visa will no longer be valid but because my tourist visa did not exceed 3 months in a total of 6 it is still valid, correct? And I can legally travel in Europe for Christmas through New Years without any worries?

Thanks for the help.

2. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 8y

I seem to remember that you can only get a tourist visa for an uninterrupted period, which would mean that, upon expiration of your student visa, you'd have to apply for another tourist visa and cannot continue to use the one you already have (which would have expired 20 days after your student visa began :)).

I am not sure that you can apply for a tourist visa twice within 6 months, even if the total time does not exceed 3 months. Bottom line: I don't think you can travel legally during Xmas.

3. Posted by popolina (Budding Member 53 posts) 8y

Does anyone know where I can find information on this? My junior year of high school I went on an exchange to Italy and my student visa extended to the end of July - a month longer than my arranged exchange. Maybe I could formally request Christmas...? If I have proof of funds?
Or is this honestly something people are going to get upset about? If I am confronted and I explain my confusion is someone really going to care about two extra weeks?

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4. Posted by popolina (Budding Member 53 posts) 8y

p.s. I will be flying in and out of Zurich, I would think US Officials would be more knit picky about this sort of thing and so what if I said I spent the last two weeks in Zurich (even though I would be somewhere in the EU)?

5. Posted by bentivogli (Travel Guru 2398 posts) 8y

The Italian consulate should be able to give you a definitive answer. The rules surrounding Schengen visa, esp. combinations of them, are tricky and know a lot of special circumstances, exceptions, and what have you.

What I can assure you is not a good idea, is to overstay your visa. Besides whatever problems it may cause you upon return to the US, it can potentially result in deportation and, more importantly, denial of future entry.