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Valencia to Zagreb

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1. Posted by tigasista (Budding Member 26 posts) 8y

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Hi all :)

You guys seem like a pretty knowledgable bunch, so I thought I'd see what you think...

I'm attending the La Tomatina festival just outside of Valencia this year. I'll be in Valencia, Spain, until the 28th of August. After that, I would like to attend the International Puppet Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. This starts at the end of August and continues until about the 5th of September.

What do you think is the easiest way to get there? The shortest/cheapest route I can find is catching at Ryan Air flight on the 29th to Bologna, Italy, then catching an overnight train from there to Zagreb, Croatia, which take about 12 hours.

Is there an easier, more direct route? Or will i spend almost a day in transit?

Also, anyone who's been to Zagreb/Croatia, any tips on non-touristy things to do?

Thanks for your help!

2. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 8y

hey, im going from portugal to croatia at around the same time and i didnt find anything cheaper than flying to milan and getting the night train to zagreb...... i couldnt find anything cheaper either!!

3. Posted by gom (Full Member 29 posts) 8y

yeah, that sounds a good option. there aren't low cost flights from valencia (or nearby) to croatia, so ur trip should take at least 2-3 steps.

try to find a good combination considering Budapest (hungary) and Viena (Austria) both with more low cost conections.

good luck and enjoy!!

4. Posted by tigasista (Budding Member 26 posts) 8y

Yeah, I was considering going through Milan, but the Ryan Air flights are actually cheaper (by about 50euro I think) to fly through Bologna instead. The train trip is pretty similar, all involve connections.

5. Posted by ReinierNL (Full Member 207 posts) 8y

@Tigasista & Jacqui: Germanwings has flights from both Lisbon and Barcelona to Zagreb.

6. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 8y

thanks for the link!
wanted to fly outta porto tho, and also did see a few flights with germanwings, but were, at that time, too expensive! am getting to milan from porto for €20 and the train is €55 so thats not so bad! i get a bed and transport in one - bonus :P