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11. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 8y

Quoting Dodger

No, go back and read it again, but whatever dude, you seem to be on a mission to prove something, so go for it.

Not completely sure what you mean by that. Anyway, I've read it a few times and still don't know what you're interpreting as giving them "the right to look into all your computer history".

My previous quote from their privacy statement was under the Site Visit Data section. Also under there is the bit about what details are collected when using the site (i.e. your top level domain name, your server address, the date and time of the visit to the site, the pages accessed, the previous site accessed, the type of browser used, and your operating system). If you're referring to that, then the server logs of ANY website you visit collect all of that information anyway - it's used for statistical purposes.

If what you're referring to is regarding cookies, then these don't really contain much information and as the statement says you can use the site without accepting cookies.

So what part of the privacy statement are you referring to?

12. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 8y

Hey Dodger, I'm still not sure what part of the privacy statement you were referring to?

Also, I note SOMV hasn't responded to the concerns from before. I know she's been available recently on forums as I've seen her posting in a forum on a different website. Maybe missed these concerns?

Quoting Dodger

Quoting mojorob

Quoting SOMV

The ETA is a "free visa" but the DIAC website charges a AUD$20 admin/processing fee. There are cheaper ETAs available online. I can say proudly that the company I work for - - offers the cheapest one at £5 per visa. :)

If I were looking round for sorting out an ETA, I would probably be inclined not to use this website for a couple of reasons, mainly being there's no postal address (apart from a PO Box), and the domain has been registered as a "private" registration meaning no details there. Also as they're only affiliates with MIA, and not MARA registered migration agents there isn't really any information you can obtain from that route (not that you need to go with a migration agent for a simple ETA, that really kicks in on other kinds of visas).

All in all, you don't really know who you are dealing with when you're giving your passport details to them over an unsecure (i.e. http rather than https) connection.

Its interesting that her nick here is an acronym for the company she so proudly works for too. Not that is a bad thing to tout your company, but you bring up valid points of concern, that would be nice if she'd address.

13. Posted by SOMV (Budding Member 57 posts) 7y


I don't always have time to go through posts on forums, so here is quite a late reply:

We are in fact registered, with the MARA, the Office of the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority (new title). This is the only regulating body for Australian Migration Agents. (The MIA is just an association for agents). We have updated our website to include all of the necessary information, but I can't post links here, as I will get in trouble for breaching the forum rules.

Being registered with MARA means that anyone using our services is protected through our insurance (compulsory) and the Code of Conduct we have to abide by. Our registration also means that anyone unhappy with our services may make a complaint to the MARA.

Being registered with MARA is the only protection (aside from normal consumer protection) that anyone dealing with Australian visas is able to obtain. Anyone not using MARA agents is unprotected, and in fact if you are in Australia, not registered with MARA, but offering migration advice (of any kind), you are in breach of the law and liable to prosecution. The same rule does not unfortunately apply for migration agents who are based overseas, which is why there are a lot of rogue agents who give our profession a very bad name.

If you have any further concerns I am always happy to have a chat.


14. Posted by tangsp (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y

Quoting Dodger

I just used these guys they charge $16AUD, and I was able to use my paypal account to pay.

The company Bex was talking about makes you agree to a huge privacy agreement which really seemed very invasive just for a visa app. Basically gave them the right to look into all your computer history.

Hi Dodger, mojorob & SOMV

To Dodger, I am wondering if you have any problem with the ETA from Am not sure if it is authentic or must I only apply from As I have found so many website that let you apply for the ETA. Some cheaper then AUD$20, and some more expensive.

Anyone have any idea?


15. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 6y

Quoting tangsp

To Dodger, I am wondering if you have any problem with the ETA from Am not sure if it is authentic or must I only apply from As I have found so many website that let you apply for the ETA. Some cheaper then AUD$20, and some more expensive.

Anyone have any idea?

Things have changed since this thread was started (June 2008), and for UK citizens (as well as most other Europeans) applying for an eVisitor would be better than an ETA (if you're just visiting on holiday). An eVisitor is issued free of charge via the website. That website is the Australian Immigration website.

If you need an ETA (and therefore need to pay a small fee), then my suggestion is to still go through the offical website - not only because there may be a higher cost requesting a company do something which you can easily and quickly do yourself, but also you need to be sure of what is happening to your important personal information (passport details, credit card details).

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