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1. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 8y

Has anyone been to Lucca? Would this be a place that we could spend a day or two in? And..... Cinque Terre, any recommendations there?

thanks again!

2. Posted by TOBY TYKE (Budding Member 86 posts) 8y

Visited Lucca a few years ago on a day visit from Pisa,spent the day there walking the walls around the town, i think 1 day is ok, not sure about 2 days in Lucca though, cheers

3. Posted by Kamar (Full Member 32 posts) 8y

I live in that area so I can tell you, yes Lucca is nice to visit and like someone told you, you could to vist Pisa too, very nice.
About 5 terre I can tell you to go to visit it because them are really marvelous places. You can visit 5 Terre by train, because every little town is near and is very easy by train.

4. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 8y

Thanks guys!

5. Posted by TOBY TYKE (Budding Member 86 posts) 8y

Hi, yes sorry i did not reply to Cinque Terre in my first post, but as Kamar says it is really a lovely place to visit, we also did this on a day trip from Pisa,which we found a good base to stay. You get the train up to Cinque terre then just visit all the little towns by boat. We also managed to get to Florence for the day as well from Pisa. cheers PS i am sure i have got more info at home, give us a p.m. if you need any more info

6. Posted by MRB_IEP (Budding Member 17 posts) 8y

I would def go for Lucca... It's an awesome place to visit. I had a great time there. If you're into live music, make sure you visit Lucca when the Summer Festival is on. I was there a couple of years ago to see Roger Waters and it was one of the best shows ever. The town is so magical.

7. Posted by gojanny (Budding Member 7 posts) 8y

Chinqe Terre is a beautiful place to visit.
I think you can choose 2 of the towns there , and move just between thouse two. There is no need to visit them all.
The train will lead you easily to any of them.

Lucca is a beautiful town, I think it's worth a visit, but 1 day is good enouth :)
Have fun