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Going to Chile, no return ticket = visa problem?

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Going to Chile, no return ticket = visa problem?

1. Posted by sirwhale (Full Member 84 posts) 8y

I've already got the oneway flight and im about to start a CELTA TEFL course, after which i shall be flying over to chile, but im getting apprehensive about the ''official'' need for an outgoing ticket to obtain a tourist VISA.... has anyone else heard or had a similar problem here?


2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 8y

Your profile says you are in England, are you a UK passport holder or do you hold a different countries passport? Rules for visas differ greatly depending on the purpose of travel and also depending on the country you are a citizen of. I travelled to Chile on my UK passport and had no problems at all. They didn't even check me for proof of onward travel and I got in with getting the stamp in my passport free where as other nationalities such as Australian, US, Canadian and Mexican all were required to pay hefty fees to get the stamp in the passport. Other countries such as India do require visas prior to entry and from what some other person was saying a few threads down they are experiencing a lot of hassels to get the visa.

3. Posted by sirwhale (Full Member 84 posts) 8y

Im british, I'm just worried about a lack of a onward ticket, as i shan't be leaving the country any time soon.

4. Posted by sdaltrey (Budding Member 68 posts) 8y

I have travelled over much of South America and I have never been asked for an onward ticket. I´m from England too and when I need to renew a tourist visa I just pop over the border for a day or two and come back. The only two places in the world where I was asked for an onward ticket was Australia and New Zealand.

Foreign friends who live in Argentina do this every three months and have never been questioned even though they have been doing it for years.

It might be more strict for US citizens because south americans are ordered to obtain a visa to go to the US. In some countries in South America they impose a reciprocal system for US travellers.

hope this helps,


5. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 8y

If you really wanted to be safe, you could purchase a bus ticket from Santiago - Buenos Aires as a bit of a side trip. From what I have seen online it appears you can only purchase this a maximum of 30 days prior to departure, so you could do it the day before you departed and do one of the most scenic bus trips in the world.