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San Jose Airport to city centre Cab Fare? + Safety at Night

Travel Forums North America San Jose Airport to city centre Cab Fare? + Safety at Night

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1. Posted by MarleneMax (Budding Member 49 posts) 8y

I'll be touching down in San Jose Airport SJC. First time in Cailfornia. How much is the cab fare from SJC to the city centre? I figured out how to travel from the airport to my hotel using public transportation but I'm kind of afraid using the bus since it'll be a bit past midnight when I finally arrive at my hotel. Am I just being paranoid and I should be ok waiting on the corner for my next bus?

2. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 8y

San Jose City Center is very close to the airport (like 5 miles tops). I would imagine that your cab fare shouldn't run over $10 at the most--and that it would be both safer and quicker than taking public transportation.


3. Posted by dvossbrink (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y

Here is information from the SJC website about taxi fares to various points in San Jose and Silicon Valley:

Estimated taxi fare to Downtown San Jose would be approximately $14-$20.

San Jose has a good reputation as a very safe city, but common sense prudence is always a good idea.

David Vossbrink
Communications Director
Mineta San Jose International Airport

4. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 8y

I don't mean to be noisy, but why San Jose? With San Francisco so close???

San Jose is not exactly the center of excitement in Northern California! Downtown SJ is pretty lacking in everything! A car is essential, because you'll want to get out of the area as fast as possible.

5. Posted by MarleneMax (Budding Member 49 posts) 8y

I pretty much in SanJose for 1 day for a concert at the HP Pavilion then I'm off on the Caltrain to San Francisco. I'm curious why is it looked down on when people call San Francisco as Frisco ??

6. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 8y


The Caltrain station is quite literally across the street from the HP Pavilion. Fee from there to San Francisco is $8 or so. But if you want to go to downtown San Francisco (like near to Union Square or the financial district), don't take the Caltrain all the way there, instead get off at the Milpitas station (about 2/3rd of the way there) and change over to the BART system. The BART system goes right down Market street, while the Caltrain ends south of there about 10 blocks, down by the baseball stadium. Get off the BART system at Powell Station for Union Square and Chinatown (and go two blocks north for Union Station or 3 blocks north and 2 blocks east for Chinatown), or get off at Montgomery Street station for the financial district. If you want to go to the Embarcadero district, there's a station for that too (Embarcadero is right on the Bay before the BART system goes across to Oakland).


7. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 8y

Also, I should mention--you can get tours to Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Carmel from San Jose as well as from San Francisco. San Jose is about an hour closer to these locations.

Monterey has its Cannery Row and Fisherman's Wharf, Carmel has Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive, and Santa Cruz has its own boardwalk and pier. Also, whale watching right now is excellent, with lots of humpbacks being spotted in pods on the open water on almost all the trips going out to sea at the moment. Whale watching tours are available from the harbor at Santa Cruz or from Moss Landing or from Monterey.


8. Posted by MarleneMax (Budding Member 49 posts) 8y


Thanks for the great info. I'm looking at the caltrain station list online but I don't see Milpitas listed. I do see Millbrae station with a BART connection. My lodging is located close to Union Sq and getting off near there would be a blessing. I would be spared walking in the heat and dragging my luggage several blocks.
I did take note of your restaurant picks on another thread. Do you know any good spots for Spanish Cuisine?

Many thanks!

9. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 8y

I think Milpitas is a misprint - you want the BART line that goes into SF International Airport, so I believe it's Millbrae. Spanish food? - do you mean Mexican?

San Francisco has fabulous Mission Style burritos (Mexican) that you can get at several self-serve places in the Mission District - they're wonderful and cheap. I like Pancho Villa Taqueria on 16th St. near the Mission/16th St. BART station. While SF has few Mexicans, it does have many Central Americans, and California has millions of people from Hispanic (Latin) families.

Don't spend too much time in San Jose!

review of Pancho Villa's:

10. Posted by Calcruzer (Moderator 1992 posts) 8y

Yes, I meant Millbrae--sorry about that. You transfer there to the BART station. (Milpitas is a city just north of San Jose that's not even on the Caltrain route.)