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11. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y

Quoting chayisun

We actually didn't get there on that trip because of the floods rushing down from Costa Rica at the time so roads were closed.

So, you didn't GET there? Well, I hope all the answers you have received here have given you all the information you need about Bocas Del Toro.:) Should save you a trip.

Try Tunisia. Wonderful people, for the most part, Great camel markets but DON'T go to a rug place. They won't let you out. Give you tea and they smoke funny stuff......

Nope - didn't even really get any closer than Boquete. But, I'm fulfilled in knowing that I can now relax and save my money for other exotic places. Tunisia, you say? Hmmmm - wonder how much they'd charge for shipping home a camel as you've told me to stir clear of the rug shop. Though, I do like a good cup of tea and since it sounds like it would only be a contact high, maybe the munchies wouldn't take hold. Do they give you cookies or scones with the tea? (Don't want to fill up on breakfast if cookies or scones are involved, you know.)

Looking at the piggy bank, it appears we can make it to Cleveland. Never been to Cleveland. Do they have camel markets in Cleveland? If not, I don't want to go there. How about alpacas? Do they have alpacas? What the hell, I'll save my pennies and visit the neighbors. They have alpacas. Besides, we're suppose to be in Montreal some time this century. Do they have Panama hats or camels or alpaca rugs in Montreal? Last visit there, I got stuck in the wind chime shop and it took me hours to find the exit. They didn't even serve me tea.

12. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 8y

Quoting Isadora

Looking at the piggy bank, it appears we can make it to Cleveland. Never been to Cleveland. Do they have camel markets in Cleveland? If not, I don't want to go there.

So which one of you will be exchanged for two camels?

13. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

Cleveland? Why I've BEEN to Cleveland! Yep! I remember visiting the three rivers that flow through the city....Wait a sec....That may have been Pittsburgh. Oh....

Anyway, Pittsburgh doesn't have wind chimes. Maybe they do but I don't remember.

I DO remember they have mice. Saw one at the hotel...Actually, saw three or four and the hotel cat chasing them. Do you know that cat could run around that lobby in 15 seconds flat? 'Course the mice ran faster......

Anyway, if you go to Pittsburgh be sure to visit the zoo. They have camels and alpacas. No moose, though.

As for Tunis, the cookies were REALLY good, sorta made the room glow...AND..The Rugs looked REALLY good. I think I saw one of them fly. That may have been my Wife.

Actually, I don't remember leaving the rug shop but I do know, when we got home, there was a delivery of 11 rugs.

Anybody wanna buy a rug? I will include a lamp.

If you're going to visit Montreal you won't find any panama hats there...That's 'cause they're called toques.

Now, I go away and have one of those Tunis cookies....

14. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y

Quoting Hien

Quoting Isadora

Looking at the piggy bank, it appears we can make it to Cleveland. Never been to Cleveland. Do they have camel markets in Cleveland? If not, I don't want to go there.

So which one of you will be exchanged for two camels?

Neither as it seems there aren't any camels in Cleveland. And here I thought the Cleveland Zoo would have at least one. Guess then sent them to Pennsylvania for the summer. Jack Hannah lied to me - he said Cleveland - must have meant Columbus. Not sure he's really ever been to Ohio - think it's just a fairy tale.... He does have a nice "phone voice" though. (Yeah, have talked to him on the phone. Strange but lovely guy.)

15. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 8y

Okay - where were we... Headed off to Ohio or Pennsylvania or... I don't want to go anywhere where they don't have wind chimes. Pittsburgh is definitely off my list. Oh, and on the cat thing - yeah - they can do a flight of stairs in one bound even without a mouse. They also like to lay across the whole stair step at night so you trip, break your neck and they have meals for a month.

I know for a fact that Panama hats are not called toques in Montreal. Knit caps, watch caps, berets and the like are toques. Panama hats are Panama hats across the board. Manuel Noriega told me in a secret coded message he sent from France. Oh wait, he may not have gotten there yet... Well, he sent it from somewhere. I also have a fridge magnet that shows what I didn't see in Canada - it includes Eskimos, moose and bears. Everyone knows moose and bears live in Minnesota. So did I - never saw a bear. Maybe I should go back to Minnesota as they do sell Eskimo Pies. Not sure if they sell moose other than for dinner.

I think I'll head off to Milwaukee. They have a zoo. I like zoos. By the way - how much do you want for that rug because I could use a lamp. Oh, and do you have any of those cookies left? I"ll make some tea. Please bring your wife along if you can retriever her from the ceiling. (Can't trust flying rugs these days...)

16. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4889 posts) 8y

Quoting chayisun

I know, I COULD remove my shoes while on the plane but, gee, I paid $175.00 for them!

I've flown business class a lot recently, and pretty much everyone takes off their shoes pretty early on in the flight (half the people even before take-off). Most "comfort kits" for business class that I've received included pairs of thick woolen socks to wear instead (over your regular socks), and I long ago learned to take these onto hand luggage myself when on a long economy-class flight. Makes for way more comfortable flying than wearing shoes throughout the flight.

Which airline was this whole encounter with? I'll want to be sure to avoid them. (Not that I own running shoes, but any airline which treats its business class customers like that (upgraded or not) is not one I'll want to fly with.)

17. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

Really, now, do you think I actually would keep a pair of uncomfortable shoes on?

Does ANYONE, well other than Isadora, who understands my attempt at "humour" (notice the Canadian spelling of humor) gets what I'm saying....I am joking. I did take off my $175.00 shoes and I craddled them throughout the flight as they were too expensive to place on the floor.

Besides, every time the Flight Attendant came by I would tell her about my expensive shoes....She stopped coming by, eventually. I don't know why.....

As for the airline, I am unable to divulge the name of said airline because I have frequent flyer points and "they" might read this and I would be banned from flying the friendly skies.

Note...I am kidding....I do have frequent flyer points but I'm not afraid to name the airline.....But, just in case......I won't.

No more cookies left.....I gotta book a trip to Tunis....

18. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 8y

Did they say you had to wear the shoes on your feet?

Cause it would have been funny to try and board in white socks with your shoes oh, say, on your head.

19. Posted by Araluen (Respected Member 346 posts) 8y

Quoting chayisun

However, the lady at the ticket counter sees a problem...



"Are you wearing running shoes?"

"Yes I am. They are all I wear. Well, most of the time. Why.."

"If you wish to travel in business class you can't wear running shoes. Not allowed."


"Not allowed. It's the rules."

"Rules? You mean...But I don't have any other shoes. I mean..."

"If you want to travel in OUR business class you MUST wear the proper shoes."

Oh dear I would never have made it into THEIR business class either. I only wear thongs on a plane. But then, I suppose if one is going to hob-nob with the toffs -appearances must be upheld. One must not offend their delicate sensibilities, it might put them off their afternoon tea and delicately sliced cucumber sandwiches. One would trust that in THEIR business class, tea would be served in thin and delicate Royal Doulton fine bone china with the blue periwinkles. Did you remember to curl your "pinke."?

And as for Panama hats - I really wouldn't advise it you know. Why, the lady at the ticket counter might be rather affronted.

"Sir, you are wearing a Panama hat."
"Yes that's right. It is a Panama."
"Sir, you cannot wear a Panama in business class."
"But it is my Panama."
"Sir, the gentlemen who travel in OUR business class do not wear their Panamas. No true gentleman would ever wear a hat on a plane. You must remove it."

Hmmm, I wonder what that lady would make of a bloke who, presenting himself at the ticket counter showed up with crutches, a sneaker on one foot and a big pink fluffy slipper on the other?

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20. Posted by chayisun (Budding Member 163 posts) 8y

"Excuse me, Sir, but, is that a crutch?"


"Oh, dear..."


"Oh, dear, I'm afraid, if you're intending on going into OUR Business class, you won't be able to take that thing.."

"My crutch?"

"Yes, your crutch. You can't take it into OUR Business class."

"Why not.."

"Well, Sir, it's obvious, don't you think?"


"Why yes! It could be used as a weapon! What happens if you don't like the cucumber sandwiches? I mean, you COULD hit our flight attendant with your...crutch."

"That's stupid! Why would I get upset about a cucumber sandwich..."

"I gather you've never been on our Business class."

"No I haven't.Well, if it will make you feel better I'll hobble on the plane WITHOUT the crutch."

"That's fine...Sir..."


"Is that a sneaker on your foot?"


"Oh, dear.."

"Not again!"

"I'm afraid so. No sneakers. You MUST wear proper footwear....It's the rules..."

"What am I supposed to do if I only have this sneaker?"

"I guess you'll have to buy a proper pair of shoes that will pass OUR standards...Oh, dear...."


"Is that a pink fluffy slipper?"