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Travel Buddies Wanted Australia February 2005

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11. Posted by gizmo008 (Full Member 32 posts) 12y

Hi everyone ;)

Some of you already know me, some don't. Just wanted to say that I won't be in Oz till March/April so save some fun for me! Really looking forward to meeting the people I've met on here. Counting the days now eh Nicky - only 61 to go lol. Anyone wants to chat on msn, my addy is gizmo008.


12. Posted by sah (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y

Hi Gaz,

I'm 23 and travelling for the first time by myself to Oz at the beginning of Feb. I'm really nervous but hoping to get in touch with people before I go. I'm not even very sure where I'm going yet - but I'm sure it will be ok!

Sarah x

13. Posted by CLAIRE2 (Budding Member 9 posts) 12y

Hey all,
Am landing in oz in Jan and am so glad to see that i wont be the only one out there all alone. Its my first time on this site and would love to get to know people who are looking for the same as me.
If youll be in oz or Fiji from Jan onwards then get in touch.
Am planning to stay for 6 months so will be around for a while!!


14. Posted by ramih (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y

Will be in Sydney probably working until around about end of Jan/Feb so if people are travelling around from then on, count me in. Would be great to meet up with others looking to do the same thing and meet some new people along the way. -snip-
Oh and I've heard that Kings Cross isn't the best of areas when staying in Sydney but a new hostel called Wake Up! has been recommended to me from a mate who did the same last year.
(Disclaimer: Rami accepts no responsibility if this tip turns out to be rubbish! :))

[ Edit: Sorry, no personal details please. ]

15. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 12y

cool, glad to hear a few more ppl are going around the same time !!

16. Posted by Becksy (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y

Hiya, im Becks, im 18 from Devon, uk. i fly around the worl starting on 1st Feb, first stop is Bali, i fly to Perth on 16thy Feb and go across to adelaide, up to alice springs across to Cairns and down the east coast to Syney. i spend 3 months doing that, then i go to NZ for amonth, Figi for two weeks, LA, gran canyon, las vagas, san fransisco, beverly hills etc for a month and then Vancouver for two weeks. im going on my own so it would be cool if anyone was in oz at the same time! or any of those places! x

17. Posted by lindseyyyy (Inactive 9 posts) 12y

Hi everyone,

Lindsey here (22, from Canada solo-travelling to Aust in Jan/Feb). Happy to see that quite a few fellow solo-ers will be there in jan or febish time. Hope at least some of us can meet up for some fun times after we arrive! What do ya think?


[ Edit: Sorry, no personal details please. ]

18. Posted by Barrie09 (Budding Member 29 posts) 12y

Hi all
I should be arriving in Oz early Feb, gonna stop off in Thailand on the way for a few weeks in early Jan.No fixed plans as yet but no doubt end up in Sydney either at the start or end of trip. Anyone fancy meeting up for a beer or 10 then just give me a shout and we will catch up somewhere down the line.
Cheers Baz

19. Posted by illumina (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y

hey guys!
i'm thinking of going to aus/new zealand and maybe the pacific islands and thailand in the new year. at the moment, i'm going alone, and feeling nervous about it. if you want to meet up and go together or just to chat, pm or mail me.

20. Posted by fimbria25 (Full Member 120 posts) 12y

cool, great to hear there are a few of us arriving in oz around the same time.......

have to sort a meet up, nearer the time......have a drink or