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Cold Fruits Relieve Internal Heat

Travel Forums Off Topic Cold Fruits Relieve Internal Heat

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11. Posted by flycy (Inactive 8 posts) 8y

Quoting Utrecht

I'll have some turkish fruit thank you

You're welcome,hehehe.Turkish fruit? Does Turky has any special fruits?

12. Posted by flycy (Inactive 8 posts) 8y

Quoting chayisun

I thought shaddock was a fish. I've never tried to peel a shaddock. Well, I tried but the bloody thing kept flopping around so I threw it back into the lake.

Talking about fruit, I used to like bananas until my Wife told me they should be peeled. Another thing to peel...Will it never end....

My Wife bought some durian from the Chinese Grocery Store we frequent. Had never heard of it before......After she opened it up all the cats in the neighbourhood vanished. Also, I have to paint the kitchen as the paint peeled off the walls.

Then there's cantalope.....I saw them on National Geographic. Great horns and they can run really fast......

:)hahhahah...Durian is really a good fruit,delecious!but the unpleasant smell,hehheh

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