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10 Travel Questions regarding NZ and OZ.

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific 10 Travel Questions regarding NZ and OZ.

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1. Posted by rabudman (Inactive 31 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

I will be traveling to New Zealand at the end of July and stay for three months, then onto Australia for three months. As I can’t afford to stay in a hotel for three months and I don’t care for a hostel or backpacker scene, my plans are to find lodgings somewhere centrally located, perhaps Wellington, while in NZ and make short trips for sightseeing and tourist things. I would like to buy a second hand bicycle for local travel and rent a vehicle for the excursions. Or,(Question 1)would a second hand car be a reasonable investment while there and hope to sell it when I leave? Ten to twenty miles a day on a bike is very do-able for me. As far as my permanent living place, I would prefer to stay away from the tourist areas. I lived in England for six months in ‘96 and ‘97 and while there I rented a private room from an individual. (2) Are there “rooms to let” in New Zealand as well? I’ve check out several real-estate websites and have found one bedrooms renting for approximately $175.00--$250.00 per week. These of course are unfurnished and I would need at least a meager amount of furniture. In the states there are still a few hotels who will rent by the week-I mean for a modest price- around $200.00 a week maybe a little more. These are usually a little on the “seedy side”. (3)Anything like this in NZ or OZ?
I know everything is not advertised on the internet, (4)what are some good local publications I should look for when I arrive in the two countries to find lodgings of the type I seek? And (5)what day of the week is the big day for advertisements in the newspapers? Here in the states it is Sunday.
(6)Any suggestions on a good central location in NZ? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Wellington or even a large city, I would prefer at least a medium sized town for conveniences.
OZ will of course be a bigger challenge to find a centrally located town and take my day trips, or what may turn out to be week trips. It’s such a much bigger place. I would like to visit Adelaide at some point and I would like to be in Melbourne in January when the Australian Open begins.
Banking--- According to the websites you need at least a thousand dollars for every month you plan on staying in NZ, I’m not sure about OZ. As my bank and credit card companies attach a 3% “foreign transaction fee” for every purchase I make, I will be bringing the first three thousand with me in travelers checks. My (7)question is, can I open a checking account while in NZ if I have a permanent address, or what are the requirements for opening a bank account in NZ and OZ? I opened a Barclays account while in Britain. Is there a bank that covers both countries? I would assume so.
Computers---I will not have my computer while on holiday but have enrolled to receive my bills electronically. I will need access to a computer. (8)How accessible are public computers? Here in the states I just go to the library and use one if I’m having trouble on my home computer. I noticed while shipping something at the local UPS store, they offered use of a public computer for $3 for 15 min. (9)Any businesses set up like this in NZ and OZ? I used to hear of “Internet Café’s” overseas but don’t know if they still exist, it seems as if everyone has there own computer now. I don’t know much about the security of using public computers for things like banking. (10)Any advice out there on the best way to keep your information from getting into the wrong hands on a public computer? The only thing I’ve heard is to clear the history and cookies after every use. I know it’s a lot of questions so thanks to anyone who can help out.

2. Posted by goglobalnz (Inactive 7 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Hi there, I'll help where possible...

1) It's a second hand car buyer's market at the moment. Petrol is more expensive than you'll be used to - approx 2.10 NZD per litre. It's easy to buy a car as a foreigner with very little red tape. You'd make a loss reselling when you leave but if it's an economical small car it'd be much easier to pass it on. I think it'd be worthwhile as a rental would be in the region of 60$ per day (short term hires) and you could pick up a good cheap car for 3-4000$
2-3) Not sure but I suspect so. There are furnished apartments in wellington available for short term rent but they're significantly more expensive. I imagine to get into a furnished apartment through an agency you'd have to sign a fixed term lease. Sorry can't help much there
4-5) the Dominion Post is the local wellington paper. It has listings on wednesdays and saturdays. NZ doesn't really have the sunday paper thing going, at least regionally. In NZ we have an ebay equivalent called trademe. It has listings for these kinds of things (vehicles, furniture etc too) and is well worth a look. (google it)
6) Wellington is central and well connected to the south island via the ferry. It's still fairly isolated though, with an hour or so drive to the north before you escape the dormitory suburbs
7) I know a dutch friend of mine had her credit cards stolen while in a hostel in Wellington. She went into a branch of ANZ bank and was given an ATM card to access her check account which was opened on the spot. I don't know this for sure, but don't think there are any banks that work in both. Some may have free withdrawals on their partner australian banks. ie ANZ in both, Westpac in both.
8-9) Libraries have computers but you'll generally have to pay. Plenty of internet cafes around the place. You'll pay approximately 4$ per hour.
10) sorry, don't know much about this

3. Posted by andy11 (Full Member 136 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

10) To be honest your can't be 100% safe on a public computer as someone could install some software that records what has be typed in then go back to that computer later and retrieve what they wanted. Highly unlikey but not impossible, clearing the cookies, history etc should be pretty safe. Here in the UK you couldn't install software to record anything, like i mentioned, on library computers as their computers are too well set up for security. I would guess the same in a country like NZ. Internet cafe computers can be a bit more lax. But then 100's of people use their CC's in internet cafe's...

Why not buy a PDA/Blackberry you can access internet and are very adequate, pick up a second hand one on ebay... thats what i would do, you would have to see about unlocking the phone or so, so it could be used in another country.

4. Posted by Araluen (Respected Member 346 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

G'Day rabudman,
1. Hostels are a good place to check as backpackers post on a "message" board and you can pick up a car (usually) inexpensively.

3. You can get rooms for rent in Oz.

4 . Two sites may be helpful Rooms For Rent Australia and Adpost

5. In Oz ,Saturday - The Age has the most classifieds

6. If you plan on staying in Melbs for the tennis, suggest you pre-book your accommodation earlier rather than later.

As far as money goes, visitors should have enough funds to support them for their entire holiday depending on their circumstances.
Visitors are not expected to carry cash as evidence that they have sufficient funds - they can have credit cards, travellers cheques or access to international banking through ATM (Automated Teller Machine) cards.

7. It may be easier to open an Australian bank account while still overseas. You could try this link alternatively speak to your bank.

8. In Oz, most libraries have computers and some are free to use, some are user pays. But, you will need to join that library to use them.

9. There are internet cafes in Oz, more notably in the city.
10. Can't help with this one ,sorry.

Edit, Re 5. The Age is a Victorian newspaper

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5. Posted by rabudman (Inactive 31 posts) 9y Star this if you like it!

Thanks to everyone for the valuable information. This will make the trip a little easier.