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Germany in Fourteen Days

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1. Posted by kar1181 (Full Member 21 posts) 12y

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Hi, I'm going to be spending a month or so in Western Europe from Feb 17 to March 20 2005, and I indend to spend at least half of that time in Germany.

Any ideas as to what would be the ideal destinations to visit within this time frame.

Loosely I'm thinking of going Frankfurt - Stuttgart - Munich - Nuremburg - Berlin - Hamburg - Cologne.

Basically a quick South Eastern Wheel around Germany starting in Frankfurt, finishing in Cologne and leaving to Belgium.

Anything I _must_ see? And are there any destinations I should drop, and others I should pick up within that 12 day timeframe?

Anyway, I guess I'm really after ideas!

Thanks for any help :D

2. Posted by polinberz (Full Member 15 posts) 12y

Hi kar1181,

To plan your trip, I'd suggest you first figuring out, what your interests are. It can be shopping, nature, culture or history. Once you can answer this, you can plan your trip easier.

If it's your first time to travelling around Germany, you may like to have a glimpse of larger cities, such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

If you're nature lover, you may like to head to the southern & south-western part, such as Zugspitze and Bodensee.

If you're more for history, Berlin and Dresden should not be missed.

Have a nice stay in Germany!:)


3. Posted by kar1181 (Full Member 21 posts) 12y

Yeah, I think my main interest is a historical one. We'll be travelling in Feb-March so it will be properly cold, and not really a good time for nature sight seeing :)

Thanks for the tips!


4. Posted by polinberz (Full Member 15 posts) 12y

Yeah, Germany is cold between February and March, but its nature is beautiful.

In southern part, you can visit Berchtesgaden national park, where you can find wonderful alpine landscape. Having a tour to Koenigsee and a vist to Zugspitze will surely impress you.

However, if you're more interested in modern history and politics, I'd recommend Checkpoint Charlie and Reichstagsgebäude (German Parliament) in Berlin, where you can also make a stop in Postdam,an outskirt of the city.

Or you may be more for ancient history. Trier, Wuerzburg and Freiburg won't let you down.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me!