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How far will this stretch...

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1. Posted by Marty18 (Budding Member 4 posts) 8y

Hi, me and my sister are planning on heading out to Oz on a WHV at the start of next year, we both hope to have about £7000 each to take with us, does anyone know how long this would last us as we want to spend the majority of our time travelling.


2. Posted by andy11 (Full Member 136 posts) 8y

Is that 7000 between the two of you, how long are you going out for and what level of accommodation are you looking for..........?

3. Posted by Araluen (Respected Member 346 posts) 8y

G'Day Marty18, £7,000 is $14,407.05 at present. What type of accommodation are you looking at? For hostel dorm beds between $25 -$35 melas around $15 per day. This is per person and self-catering. If you plan to eat out or go drinking the cost will be higher. good luck and enjoy your trip.

4. Posted by Marty18 (Budding Member 4 posts) 8y

Thanks guys, it's £7000 each. We're initally looking to stay there for a full year and the cheapest accomodation going, possibly rent somewhere as we may stick around in one place for a while (as we'll have to work at some point!)...

Also any ideas on a realistic amount of time it would take to travel up the west coast?

5. Posted by Erik85 (Respected Member 274 posts) 8y

7000 pounds is heaps, could probably last you at least 6 months without working! The west coast would be more geared towards the outback, nature and beaches (which are also everywhere), but depending on what you like you wouldn't need to spend more than 2-3 weeks there if that, in my opinion