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I hate my job...

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1. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

kody has indicated that this thread is about Malaysia

Hi all,

It has been a long time didn't really google around this forum.
How's everyone here?
As fyi, I was planning to take up the UK Working Holidaymaker to UK somewhere next year April. I really can't wait to go.

Currently I'm running on low morale and really get demotivated in the office. I've run out of steam and don't feelike working anymore.
Unfortunately, I was being promoted and got a lil increment, but that didn't do me any better or good, worst still my office-work double up and more things to do. I really wanted to quit, but it seems like I will have to struggle for another 4-5 months before leaving for UK.
Furthermore, it's so near to the end of the year where most of the employees are waiting for bonuses.

Now I'm really stuck in between. Whether wanna quit or not.
This job doesn't do me any good, but yet I need the monthly income to survive. Thus, it ain't easy to get another new job out there.
Sigh...I'm so helpless here.


2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y

I feel for you. I have had jobs I have hated. We often feel trapped by our jobs.

In your case, sounds like you have a plan to get out. You just need to suffer through the next 5 months. Not going to be fun, but at least you have an way out.

I would try and remember every day when you feel down that you only have another X days until the UK. I find when I get down thinking about my next trip always helps.

Best of luck!

3. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

Thanks Greg,

I know it'll be really hard for us.
Tell you what, I just got a call up for an interview with StarCruise in their IT department tomorrow. But nothing comes concrete yet.
I hope they'll hire me.


4. Posted by zanif (Full Member 113 posts) 12y

Hey Kody wassup.
I was just wondering you said you got an interview at StarCruise.
How did you apply for that job coz i didnt see any advertisements
in Malaysian newspapers.
Did you apply through StarCruise's website?
Or you have a friend working there?
Hope you get the job and please do respond to my enquiry coz i really wanna work on a cruise. But the whole process seems so complicated.
Thanx! I'm in pj by the way.

5. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y

Hi zanif,

You can always try to deposit your resume via the StarCruise website, or you can actually write in. Try this:

All the best to you.


6. Posted by zags (Respected Member 370 posts) 12y

hi nick,
i feel that too, although so far i survive... i need the money, especially if i still want to travel. that is my refreshments.this job is not what i actually want to do from the first place, but to do what i want, i haven't got enough skills and knowledge yet...still have to study. i found a good place to study but it turned out to be very expensive...can't afford it. sometimes i feel trapped. my refreshment is travel.

7. Posted by Priss (Full Member 23 posts) 12y

hey kody,
i feel for you man... i know what it's like to be stuck in a job you hate.... had this promoter job once when i was in college.... AHHHH!!!
Hated it... EVERYTHING about it... the job, my boss, the customers!!! AHHHH! it was then when i decided that life it too short for you to do something you don't like doing...

but like chris said, you've got a way out... the a VERY bright light at the end of your tunnel... keep that in mind... but because ive been in your shoes, i'm not gonna tell you to stick with it, rather just do what's best for you... if the pay off is worth it stay... or else just get out... i mean, we live in the here and now... i believe we should at least TRY and be happy in the present ... don't you think?;)

8. Posted by Priss (Full Member 23 posts) 12y

whoops.... ok... so his name is greg... SORRY GREG!!

9. Posted by kody (Respected Member 234 posts) 12y


Went for the Star Cruise interview, don't really attract me at all.
Work on IT stuffs again. Sigh... I really got to try something new.
As a result, I've no choice but to struggle for another few months.

Will try to apply the UK WHM VISA in December, and hopefully things go well and get to quit at the end of the month itself. am I suppose to face the daily work now? Sigh...


10. Posted by zanif (Full Member 113 posts) 12y

hey kody.. too bad about that StarCruise thingy. better luck next time huh?
how much are you saving for the uk trip?
i just went for my 2nd interview as internal audit at a bank, and they told me there'll be a lot of travelling around Malaysia. all fingers cross aight? i'll keep you (or everyone) posted.